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Lake Baikal, the blue eye of Siberia, can hardly be likened to a simple lake. And how can it be otherwise? The world's oldest at more than 25 million years old, 636 km long Lake Baikal is known for its depth and the purity of its waters. Indigenous peoples have not deceived by calling it the Sacred Sea. It is feared and revered. We must say that shamanic and earth spirits are everywhere here. The Baikal is inhabited by Burkhan (meaning God). Its residence is located on Olkhon Island. This treasure is considered to be the heart and the energetic center of the lake. Lake Baikal is a real celebration of diversity. It is rich in flora and fauna, two thirds of the animals are endemic.  The lake is adorned with the picturesque shores. Steppes, meadows, marshes, tundra and high mountains stretch for 2,000 km of the shoreline. Moreover  the Baikal itself also changes. Each season gives a whole new face. We, who live near the Baikal, have real passion for it. Come and share our feelings!

Country: Russia
Federal subjects:

  • Irkutsk Oblast (capital: Irkutsk),
  • Republic of Buryatia (capital: Ulan-Ude),

Location: Central Siberia,
Age: 25 million years,
Maximum depth: 1 637 m,
Area: 31 500 sq km,
Volume of water: 23 000 km3,
Length: 636 km,
Maximum width: 79.5 km,
Minimum width: 27 km,
Length of coastline: 2 000 km.
Year of adding to Unesco's World Heritage List: 1996,
Climate: Continental. Cold winters, mild summer,
Time difference :

  • Moscow: + 5 h.
Arshan Settlement Arshan Settlement The settlement of Arshan is situated at 250km from Irkutsk, on the territory of the republic of Buryatia, at the foot of the Eastern Sayans at a high of...
Baikal Climate Baikal Climate Lake Baikal is situated almost in the centre of Asia and it is considerably distant from all oceans. Vast plains and plateaus are located to the north...
Baikal Depth and Bottom Features Baikal Depth and Bottom Features For the first time the depth of the Baikal was measured probably by the first people catching the fish there. First bathymetrical investigations of Lake...
Baikal Fauna Baikal Fauna Fauna of the Baikal coast is typical for East Siberian region. A relational integrity of the nature, a small number of tourists and large forest spaces...
Baikal Flora Baikal Flora Lake Baikal is located in the zone of a temperate sharply continental climate, it has an influence in the first place on the flora along the shores of...
Baikal Ice Baikal Ice The Baikal is icebound for about 4 months a year. Usually the lake freezes in late December – early January, and rarely in early February. The break...
Baikal National Parks Baikal National Parks The Zabaikalsky National Park is located on the territory of the Republic of Buryatia, on the eastern shore of Lake Baikal. In the north the National Park...
Baikal Nature Reserves Baikal Nature Reserves The Baikalsky Nature Reserve is situated on the south bank of the Baikal, within the mountain system of the Khamar-Daban Range. The state reserve was found...
Baikal Seal Baikal Seal The only mammal that lives in Lake Baikal is nerpa or the Baikal seal. Till now it stays unknown how seals could appear in the lake, a very remote place,...
Baikal Water Baikal Water The Baikal water. This word-combination has already become a global brand, standard of purity and quality of potable water. The water of Lake Baikal has...
Baikalsk City Baikalsk City Baikalsk has been built at the Trans-Siberian Railroad. The highway Irkutsk-Ulan-Ude (Moscow Highway) crosses the city. The railroad distance between Baikalsk...
Barguzinskaya Valley Barguzinskaya Valley Barguzinskaya Valley is famous for its numerous mineral springs as well as the scenic rocks on the Ikatsky Range slopes. The length of the Barguzin crater...
Barguzinsky Gulf Barguzinsky Gulf Barguzinsky Gulf is the largest gulf on Lake Baikal. It entrenches 30 km into the continent and covers about 700 km². Along the shore stretches a huge...
Bolshiye Koty Settlement Bolshiye Koty Settlement The settlement of Bolshiye Koty is situated at 18km from the village of Listvyanichny, the big touristic center at the Baikal. Bolshiye Koty is closely...
Bolshoye Goloustnoye Settlement Bolshoye Goloustnoye Settlement In the 17 century the settlement at the western shore of Lake Baikal, in the delta of the Idin-Gol River, was found owing to the trade road from Russia...
Buddhism Buddhism Buddhism, one of the most ancient religions in the world, was based by Gautama Buddha in VI before Christ. However according to the opinion of the Indian...
Buryatia Buryatia The Republic of Buryatia is democratic jural state, a constituent of the Russian Federation. It belongs to the Siberian Federal District. The capital of...
Chivyrkuysky Gulf Chivyrkuysky Gulf Chivyrkuysky Gulf is one of the coziest and scenic spots at Lake Baikal. It extends deeply into the land between the mainland and Svyatoy Nos peninsula...
Circum-Baikal Railway Circum-Baikal Railway The Circum-Baikal Railway is considered to be the unique monument of engineering architecture. On May 17, 1891 Tsar Alexander III issued the edict to construct...
Discover Olkhon Discover Olkhon The largest island of the Baikal - Olkhon is situated in the middle part of the lake, nearby the western coast. Its length reaches 71km, a maximal width...
Discovery of Lake Baikal Discovery of Lake Baikal Lake Baikal is a unique lake of our planet. Lake Baikal is a place of superlatives: the deepest, the oldest, the clearest, the cleanest, the highest level...
Exile in Siberia Exile in Siberia After joining Russia, Siberia at once became a principle location for imprisonment at hard labor and exile. There were being exiled the most dangerous,...
Irkutsk and its history Irkutsk and its history Irkutsk is not only the capital of Eastern Siberia but also the city- museum that could keep the romantic face of antiquity. Ornate and solemn Siberian...
Legends of Lake Baikal Legends of Lake Baikal Following the legend, peoples in the Siberian lands appeared long time ago. At once they found that lands attractive owing to the rich forests and vast...
Mount Munku-Sardyk Mount Munku-Sardyk Munku-Sardyk is the highest point of the Estern Sayans, the mountains in the south of Siberia. Its name in Buryat language means “all-time white goltsi”...
Old Believers Old Believers In the second half of the 17th century, at the time when the Russian Orthodox Church attained the highest dignity its division occurred. The reason for...
Origin of the Lake's Name Origin of the Lake's Name Within many centuries, peoples populated the territory of Pribaikalia, called the lake differently. The Chinese people named it “Khan’-Khay” or “Bey-Khay”...
Peoples of Lake Baikal Peoples of Lake Baikal In the first millennium A.D. Pribaikalie was inhabited by a tribal union consisted of three families – the Turks, the Evenks and the Protoburyats that...
Peschanaya Bay Peschanaya Bay Peschanaya Bay (“Sandy Bay”) is one of the Baikal’s symbols. Its picture is met in many printed publications worldwide. It is a wonderful and impressive...
Posolsky Sor Bay Posolsky Sor Bay It is the only bay at Lake Baikal hidden from the main water area where the dynamic water cycle happens usually during the storms. The Posolsky sandy spits,...
Selenga Delta Selenga Delta The unique natural formation comprises an area of 1,120 km². Every year the Selenga brings to the Baikal about 3 million tons of solids that contributes...
Severobaikalsk City Severobaikalsk City Severobaikalsk is situated at the northern edge of Lake Baikal. It was found in 1974 owing to the Baikal-Amur mainline construction. That time it was regarded...
Shamanism Shamanism Shamanism is one of the oldest religious traditions of the mankind, which preceded other world religions. Shamanism, as such, is considered to be primarily...
Shumak Springs Shumak Springs The wild Shumak springs represent a unique nature phenomenon. Peculiar thermal springs are pouring out at the foot of the mountains at 1500m above sea...
Slyudyanka Town Slyudyanka Town The town of Slyudyanka was found next to the railway station of Slyudyanka that is the only station built of marble in the world. The Slyudyanka station...
Svyatoy Nos Peninsula Svyatoy Nos Peninsula Svyatoy Nos Peninsula is the biggest one at the Baikal. It is an extension of the Akademichesky Range. Its length is equal to 53 km, and its width attains...
Tazheranskaya Steppe Tazheranskaya Steppe Tazherankaya steppe or steppe of the Olkhon area is a unique relic natural place, which comprises the territory from the Anga River to the Olkhon Gates,...
Tunkinskaya Valley Tunkinskaya Valley The Tunkinsky intermountain degradation spread by 200 km is located in the south-west of the Republic of Buryatia at 40 km from the Baikal. The valley...
Ulan-Ude and its history Ulan-Ude and its history Ulan-Ude is a city with the three-century history, particular culture and unique architecture that preserved the antiquity and absorbed the modern features....
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