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Angarsky Istok Hotel Complex
RUSSIA / Irkutsk Region / Irkutsk water reservoir

3,000 RUB
Hotel complex "Angarskiy Istok" (Angara's source) is located 61 km of the Baikal highway in a picturesque bank of the Angara. This is a beautiful place, covered with legends - the gates of Baikal. It is a place of worship, which the Angara River flows out and Shaman rock is located. The resort location...
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4.29 of 5 2 reviews
Elochka Camping Hotel
RUSSIA / Irkutsk Region / Irkutsk water reservoir

1,000 RUB
"Elotchka" Camping Hotel is a complex of two buildings and 12 cottages. The area is fenced in and secured. Camping Hotel offers spacious rooms, free parking, summer house for relaxing. In summer, you can enjoy outdoor sports and playgrounds. In winter you can go ice skating, sliding or skiing. The...
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Hotel complex Baikal-21
RUSSIA / Irkutsk Region / Irkutsk water reservoir

1,000 RUB
"Baikal-21" Hotel complex is located in a very beautiful and picturesque location in a pine forest near the Gulf of the Angara River at 21km of the Baikal highway. All buildings are made from environmentally friendly material - Angara pine, which makes it look like a small village. It offers accommodation...
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Bely Ruсhey Park-hotel
RUSSIA / Irkutsk Region / Irkutsk water reservoir

2,300 RUB
Bely Ruсhey Park-hotel is located at the 50th km of the Baikalsky Trakt, on the bank of Angara river and the gulf of the same name. At a distance of 3 km from the hotel there is an architectural and ethnographic museum of "Taltcy". The hotel complex includes well-planned two-storey hotel building...
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Burduguz Hotel
RUSSIA / Irkutsk Region / Irkutsk water reservoir

1,600 RUB
The Burduguz Park Hotel fascinates its guests by elegance and refinement of its interiors. Atmosphere of the hotel is quite; the staff is caring and attentive. At the entrance of the hotel complex you get a nice view of a four-storey hotel surrounded with ancient pines. The air is pure and transparent....
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Electra Resort
RUSSIA / Irkutsk Region / Irkutsk water reservoir

2,850 RUB
The Electra Resort is a modern health complex where every guest can undergo a course of health-improving and relaxational treatment. There are 8 therapeutic and prophylactic programmes for women, men and children at your service: for cardiovascular and nervous systems, musculoskeletal system, respiratory...
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Sibirskaya Zaimka Resort
RUSSIA / Irkutsk Region / Irkutsk water reservoir

1,000 RUB
The Sibirskaya Zaimka Resort offers accommodation in small wooden hunting lodges situated in the forest on the riverside of the Angara. The houses have 6 beds (bunk beds and double beds with hay), a table with benches, firewood. The houses are heated. There is a charcoal brazier near each house. You...
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