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Church of Elijah the Prophet
RUSSIA / Yaroslavl Region / Yaroslavl
The Church of Elijah the Prophet is a remarkable monument of Russian 17th century architecture. It was built in 1647-1650 to replace two wooden cathedrals, at the request of the Skripin brothers who were...
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Church of John the Baptist
RUSSIA / Yaroslavl Region / Yaroslavl
The church of John the Baptist is a marvel of Russian church architecture of the 17th century. It was built between 1681 and 1687. Its main special feature lies in the size of its mural painting (the...
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Demidovsky Pillar
RUSSIA / Yaroslavl Region / Yaroslavl
Demidov pillar was erected in 1829 in honor of the founder of the first educational institution in the city, manufacturer Paul G. Demidova. The monument is a marble column on a granite pedestal, crowned...
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Drama Theatre of F. Volkov
RUSSIA / Yaroslavl Region / Yaroslavl
The State Academic Drama Theatre of Fyodor Volkov in Yaroslavl is the oldest theatre of Russia. It celebrated its 260th anniversary in 2010. It was Fyodor Grigorevich Volkov, actor and well-known figure...
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Military Chiefs ‘ Path
RUSSIA / Yaroslavl Region / Yaroslavl
The Military Chiefs’ Path is a commemorative complex in honor of the military accomplishment of the natives of Yaroslavl. The construction of the path took 4 years. The opening ceremony took place on...
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Monastery of Kazan
RUSSIA / Yaroslavl Region / Yaroslavl
The monastery of Kazan for women was erected in Yaroslavl in 1610, near the cathedral dedicated to the icon of the Virgin of Kazan. This icon brought to Yaroslavl in 1588 became the source of miracles...
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Monastery of the Transfiguration of the Savior
RUSSIA / Yaroslavl Region / Yaroslavl
This monastery was founded in the second half of the 12th century, near the main way across the Kotorosl River. This is where the first seminary of North-Eastern Russian, with a large library of Russian...
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Monument to Yaroslav the Wise
RUSSIA / Yaroslavl Region / Yaroslavl
The monument dedicated to the founder of the city, Prince Yaroslav the Wise, located in the very centre of Yaroslavl, was unveiled on October 23, 1993. The statue of Yaroslav the Wise seems to be welcoming...
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Museum of Fine Arts
RUSSIA / Yaroslavl Region / Yaroslavl
This museum was founded on December 5, 1919 and initiated from the painters and antique dealers of Yaroslavl. It is located in the former house of the governor, built in 1821-1823 and designed by local...
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