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Cathedral of Virgin Mary of Kazan
RUSSIA / Zabaikalsk Territory / Chita
The new cathedral of Virgin Mary of Kazan is the principal place of interest and a bright ornament to the city. It is the biggest cathedral in Siberia and the Far East. The main altar of the cathedral...
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Chapel of Alexander Nevsky
RUSSIA / Zabaikalsk Territory / Chita
The chapel of Alexander Nevsky was consecrated in September 2001, on the remembrance day of the most Orthodox Prince Saint Alexander Nevsky the Great. A religious procession traversed the whole city on...
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Chita Region Drama Theatre
RUSSIA / Zabaikalsk Territory / Chita
The Chita Region Drama Theatre began work in 1939. Talented actors and stage directors worked there. Many of them further on had a great influence on Russian theatrical art. During the recent years romantic...
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Church of the Archangel Michael
RUSSIA / Zabaikalsk Territory / Chita
The church of the Archangel Michael is a unique monument of the XVIIIth-century Russian architecture. It was built in 1776. The architectural aspect of the church has been preserved with insignificant...
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Concert and Cultural Complex "Palace of Arts"
RUSSIA / Zabaikalsk Territory / Chita
The concert and cultural complex "Palace of Arts" is the only multidiscipline cultural institution in the country. There are no analogue institutions in Russia. The Palace of Arts has the only triangular...
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Domestic Church of the Transfiguration of Our Savior
RUSSIA / Zabaikalsk Territory / Chita
The construction of the Central Missionary School with a domestic Transfiguration of Our Savior Church was completed on May 26, 1907. The domestic church was established on the second floor of the building....
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Municipal Folklore Theatre "Transbaikalia"
RUSSIA / Zabaikalsk Territory / Chita
The municipal folklore theatre "Transbaikalia" was founded in April 2002. For three years the theatre created six completely different concert programs, one of which is devoted to the Russian history from...
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Museum of Local Lore
RUSSIA / Zabaikalsk Territory / Chita
The Chita Region Museum of Local Lore was founded in 1895 by A.K. Kuznetsov. Presently it is located in a two-storeyed stone building, constructed in 1914. The museum exposes unique archaeological, ethnographical...
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Shumovsky Palace
RUSSIA / Zabaikalsk Territory / Chita
The Shumovsky Palace was built in 1915 by the brother merchants Shumovs, owners of goldmines. This structure is considered the most beautiful building in the city. It is richly decorated with mouldings....
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