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Altaiskaya Cave
RUSSIA / Altai Republic / Seminsky
Altaiskaya Cave ranks as the most important cave in Altai and the sixth longest in Siberia: 4,175 meters. Its depth reaches 240 meters. The path that leads to the cave comes from Kamlak village. The...
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Arzhan-Suu Mineral Water Spring
RUSSIA / Altai Republic / Katun Valley
Arzhan-Suu Spring (which means “mineral water” in Altai language) is a national nature monument. The water is saturated in silver, copper and other mineral impurities, hence its beneficial effect on...
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Azhi cape
RUSSIA / Altai Republic / Lake Teletskoye
Azhi cape, made of colorful marble, goes far into Teletskoye lake, thus separating the warm part of the lake from the cold one in winter. In altai language "Azhi" means "pass". It very visible when the...
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Beli Bom (white rock)
RUSSIA / Altai Republic / Chuya Valley
Before the creation of Chuysky road, Beli Bom made of white limestone was the most dangerous trade road to Chuysky. It was too narrow to have two horses side by side. So as to avoid meeting another...
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Castle of the Spirits of the Mountain
RUSSIA / Altai Republic / Iolgo
This castle (Zamok gornykh doukhov) is a very popular attraction for tourists in the Altai mountains. It is a strange and unique phenomenon of nature. It is a high pile of blocks of rock that looks...
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Cheremshanka Spring
RUSSIA / Altai Republic / Katun Valley
Cheremskaya Spring, called after the village of Cheremshanka, is located on the right bank of Katun River. It is the main underground spring located on the way to Chuysky and to Gorno-Altai. The spring...
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Chulchinsky Waterfall (Uchar)
RUSSIA / Altai Republic / Chulcha Valley
Chulchinsky Waterfall (or Uchar Waterfall) is the highest one in Altai. Its height reaches 160 meters. It appeared about 100-150 years ago after a landslide that obstructed the troubled river. However...
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Denisova Cave
RUSSIA / Altai Republic / Anuy Valley
Denisova Cave is a unique nature and archaeological site of Gorno-Altai, a place where men lived in prehistoric times. More than 20 layers showing different times of human development. Therefore the...
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Ekologicheskaya Cave
RUSSIA / Altai Republic / Seminsky
Ekologicheskaya Cave is the deepest one in Altai. It maximum depth reaches 345 meters. It is one of the symbols of the region. The first geographic informations about the cave were given in the 1960s....
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Geofizicheskaya Cave
RUSSIA / Altai Republic / Seminsky
Geofizicheskaya Cave was discovered in 1971 on Metlevo plateau. It is a rare natural karstic formation with beautiful complex shafts and many underground chambers. The locals believe that such formations...
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