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House of Memory
RUSSIA / Orenburg Region / Orenburg
The House of Memory was erected in Orenburd in 2000-2003. The building in the shape of a chapel built following the project of architect E.S. Smirnov is the memorial part of the complex with the “Eternal...
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Monument to the Cossacks of Orenburg
RUSSIA / Orenburg Region / Orenburg
The monument to the Cossacks of Orenburg was erected in 2007 so as to commemorate the local Cossacks for their participation in the expansion of the Russian State. The Cossacks of Orenburg guarded...
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Nikolsky Cathedral
RUSSIA / Orenburg Region / Orenburg
Nikolsky Cathedral is located in Forchtade, an area of Orenburg that is inhabited by Cossacks. This religious building was built in 1886 by the parishioners. In Soviet times the Cathedral was shut...
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Orenburg History Museum
RUSSIA / Orenburg Region / Orenburg
The opening of the History Museum took place in 1983 on the 240th anniversary of the city. 8 halls display exhibitions that recount the history of the foundation of the city and of the main events...
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Regional Museum
RUSSIA / Orenburg Region / Orenburg
Orenburg Regional Museum is one the oldest museums of the city. It was founded in 1831 by Earl P.P. Sukhtelene and is hosted in the mansion of merchant Enikutsev listed as a historical monument. The...
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