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Museum of Fine Arts
RUSSIA / Orel Region / Orel
The history of the Museum of Fine Arts of Oryol dates back to 1899 when an opera singer A.N. Nikolaev offered his private collection of books and paintings to the province museum of Oryol. Later it...
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Puppets Theatre
RUSSIA / Orel Region / Orel
The Puppets Theatre was founded in Oryol at the high point of World War II after the liberation of the city from fascist troops. During its first years the theater did not have its own building but...
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Regional Museum
RUSSIA / Orel Region / Orel
The Regional Museum created 1838 is one of the oldest museums in Russia. The exhibitions show the history of the region and the life the Russian province from the 18th century to the 20th. The museum...
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“Free Space” Theatre
RUSSIA / Orel Region / Orel
The history of Oryol's National Theatre for children and youth dates back to 1976, when the theatre for young spectators was created. It was named “Free Space” only in 1990. This name symbolizes the...
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“Russian Style” Theatre
RUSSIA / Orel Region / Orel
The “Russian Style” Theatre was created in 1994. In this small theatre that can accommodate 50 spectators are played classical works as well as contemporary ones. Its founders explain its name...
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