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"Deva" rock
RUSSIA / Lake Baikal / Olkhon Island
Spectacular "Deva" (Maiden) rock is located at the northern extremity of Olkhon island, on Khoboy cape. It is a vertical pegmatite vein with high granite content (raspberry pink granite grains which are...
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"Kameshek-Bezimyanniy" island
RUSSIA / Lake Baikal / Chivyrkuysky Gulf
"Kameshek-Bezimyanniy" (no name) island is visible from water bare cliff with steep vertical shores. Island isolation from the main land shore has considerably influenced the fauna development here. "Kameshek-Bezimyanniy"...
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"Khamar-Daban" weather station
RUSSIA / Lake Baikal / Khamar-Daban
"Khamar-Daban" weather station is located on the way to Chersky peak and Chertovy vorota (Devil's Gates) pass. There is a house and banya built there. One may get to the weather station easily following...
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"Steklyanaya Lenta" waterfall
RUSSIA / Lake Baikal / Severobaikalsk
"Steklyannaya Lenta" (glass band) waterfall is one of the highest and most beautiful waterfalls of Baikalsky range. The total altitude difference is about 100 meters. The water drops on about 30 meters....
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"Tsarskiye vorota" rock
RUSSIA / Lake Baikal / Khamar-Daban
"Tsarskiye vorota" rock ("Tsar Gates") is a picturesque rock with arched aperture in the middle. The rock reminds huge stone arch, that's why this place got such name. "Tsarskiye vorota" rock reaches the...
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"Turtle" Rock
RUSSIA / Lake Baikal / Turka
The rock called "Turtle" is a natural "sculpture", which shape reminds of a turtle with stretched neck. It is located on the northern part of Turka valley, several meters away from Baikal shore and it...
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Aya Bay
RUSSIA / Lake Baikal / Aya Bay
Aya Bay in Evenk language means “good, comfortable”, and it is situated at 2.5 km northwards the Angara’s estuary, and at 12 km from Elantsy village. The bay is perfectly protected against the winds,...
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Aya cave
RUSSIA / Lake Baikal / Aya Bay
Aya cave is the biggest among all caves of Aya bay. It amazes by its passage branching, which are decorated with wandering limestone formation and calcite crystals. Descent to this cave is like a crater....
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Ayaya Bay
RUSSIA / Lake Baikal / Ayaya Bay
Ayaya Bay is situated on the eastern coastline of the Baikal. Severe beauty of this very bay, deeply intrusive into the mainland and surrounded by rocky shores, impresses a lot. It seems like you find...
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Baikal astrophysical observatory
RUSSIA / Lake Baikal / Listvyanka
Big solar telescope is located at the top of the hill behind Listvyanka. It is the only telescope of chromospheric type which is intended for sun flash registration and observing the large-scale structure...
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