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Baikal Multi-Active
8 days / February - March / Group: 4-10

73,800 RUB
The tour "Baikal Multiactive" fits perfectly for those who appreciate active stay. You will enjoy different winter activities: dog sled, snowmobiles, hovercraft, trekking, ascension to Chersky rock, toboggan...
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Baikal Multi-Active Summer
8 days / July - August / Group: 4+

84,500 RUB
The tour "Summer Baikal Multi-Active" is specially for the amateurs of active trips. Various activities such as tour on buggy, kayaking, trekking, tour on mountain bike will allow you to see how much...
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Classic Kamchatka
13 days / July - September / Group: 6 -16

122,400 RUB
This is a general tour which grants the best opportunity to get acquainted with all main attractions of Kamchatka: active volcanoes, hot springs, wild nature and traditional culture of native peoples without...
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Classic Sakhalin
11 days / July / Group: 4+

116,400 RUB
Sakhalin is a region shrouded in secrecy, a place uniting oriental wisdom and mystifying Russian soul. This is exactly where our unique and unusual trip will take place. During 11 days we will try to show...
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Commander Islands Cruise NEW
11 days / July - August / Group: 10-12

230,700 RUB
In 2016 we will visit the new route Komandorsky Nature Reserve - Bering Island and Medny Island (Brazen). Boat trip to the Commander Islands is a unique opportunity to meet with a pristine and virgin nature;...
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Cruise Among Ice Floes
8 days / May / Group: 6-10

99,750 RUB
In the month of May Lake Baikal starts to free itself from its ice cover presenting an affecting spectacle. On the shores of the lake the nature wakes up and the land is covered with a green carpet of...
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Golden Ring of Altai. Aktru - The valley of The Chulyshman River - Lake Teletskoye
8 days / June - October / Group: 6+

29,500 RUB
This journey of 7 days gives you a unique chance to discover the Altai in its natural magnificence. Including the most famous and characteristic places of the region, our program will lead you into strong...
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Grand Crossing Of Lake Baikal 2017
7 days / February - March / Group: 6-12

58,500 RUB
Willing to live a unique experience in the very heart of Siberia? Test your strength! Hike on Lake Baikal ice, feel Siberian winter and enjoy the heat of Russian banya after such unforgettable experience!  We...
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Kingdom Of Ice 2017
8 days / February - March / Group: 4+

69,400 RUB
The purpose of this voyage is to make it possible for any person with a good level of fitness to have an adventure usually only acceptable for trained travellers.  Thus, this adventure is suitable...
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Land of bears and volcanoes
10 days / July - August / Group: 16

163,200 RUB
During the tour you will visit some unique places in Kamchatka: Dvukhyurtochnoye Lake where you can watch brown bears fishing, white-shouldered eagles, salmon moving and spawning. You will cross Kamchatka...
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Kingdom Of Ice 2017
From 0 RUB
8 days / January - January
Kurils Island Cruise NEW
From 222 750 RUB
11 days / August - August
Land of bears and volcanoes
From 163 200 RUB
10 days / July - August
Meeting Kamchatka
From 97 500 RUB
11 days / July - September
Road of bones Expedition
From 205 200 RUB
12 days / August - September
Treasures of Caucasus
From 112 200 RUB
12 days / July - July
Winter Kamchatka
From 72 500 RUB
8 days / April - April