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Baikal by kayak
8 days / July - August / Group: 4 - 7

49,600 RUB
This voyage is specially for those who seek seclusion from all civilization and entire immersion in nature. The main goal is to let you enjoy a long trip on kayak and minimize all typical features...
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Baikal Multi-Active Summer
8 days / July - August / Group: 4+

84,500 RUB
The tour "Summer Baikal Multi-Active" is specially for the amateurs of active trips. Various activities such as tour on buggy, kayaking, trekking, tour on mountain bike will allow you to see how much...
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Classic Kamchatka
13 days / July - September / Group: 6 -16

122,400 RUB
This is a general tour which grants the best opportunity to get acquainted with all main attractions of Kamchatka: active volcanoes, hot springs, wild nature and traditional culture of native peoples without...
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Cruise to the Sea of Okhotsk
12 days / June / Group: 50

435,500 RUB
This cruise is for ones who want to get to know the soul of the Far East.Our expedition will reveal many secrets of unexplored terrain. During the cruise, we will visit several uninhabited islands, enjoy...
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Fire ring
13 days / May - June / Group: 1+

474,500 RUB
The name of the cruise speaks for itself. The temperature of this journey tends to be high. It сan be said that the expedition is on fire. You will navigate through the territory where the volcanoes are...
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Kamchatka Coast: Siberia's Forgotten Coast
14 days / June - July / Group: 50

520,000 RUB
You will have a cruise which is full of events. You will navigate through the territory where you can meet volcanoes at every step. There are 129 volcanoes in Kamchatka where a quarter of them are active....
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Kurils Island Cruise NEW
11 days / August / Group: 10-12

222,750 RUB
Kuril arch with a narrow chain of islands as a delicate bridge connects two worlds - Kamchatka and Japan. Mysterious Kuril Islands is a part of the Pacific Ring of Fire. There are more than 150 volcanoes...
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Rafting on Shuya River
3 days / April - September / Group: 10+

9,000 RUB
Here is a route that is full of emotions and at the same time easy and safe, on one of the most beautiful Karelian rivers, the Shuya. The program's flexibility allows tourists of all ages and physical...
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Rafting on Uksa
3 days / May - June / Group: 10+

9,400 RUB
The river Ouksa (full name: Ouksounioki) is one of the most "sporting" Karelian rivers. Located in southern Karelia it is powered by lakes and swamps and its level depends on climatic conditions. The passage...
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Ongoing BaikalNatureTours
Kingdom Of Ice 2017
From 0 RUB
8 days / January - January
Kurils Island Cruise NEW
From 222 750 RUB
11 days / August - August
Land of bears and volcanoes
From 163 200 RUB
10 days / July - August
Meeting Kamchatka
From 97 500 RUB
11 days / July - September
Road of bones Expedition
From 205 200 RUB
12 days / August - September
Treasures of Caucasus
From 112 200 RUB
12 days / July - July
Winter Kamchatka
From 72 500 RUB
8 days / April - April