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Arctic vacation in a Nenets tipi
4 days / December - March / Group: 1-6

45,000 RUB
What do you usually do on your weekends? Do you meet your friends or family? Do you prefer to stay at home or to walk in a shopping center? Are you afraid to switch from a habitual course of life, because...
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Christmas Eve 2016 in Saint Petersburg 7D / 6N
7 days / December / Group: 4+

28,500 RUB
Like a fairy tale, Saint-Petersburg is a destination dreamed to celebrate Christmas With family! Palaces, churches, gardens, each one more impressive than the others, give to the city all its magnificence...
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Golden Ring of Russia
7 days / May - August / Group: 2-6

55,800 RUB
You dream to visit Russia's craddle? you wish to listen to breathtaking stories about first Russian Princes? you would like to have an insight into Russian culture and traditions? you are interested in...
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Mythical Transsiberian 16D / 15N from Moscow
16 days / June - August / Group: 4 +

167,700 RUB
The Trans-Siberian Railway is a legend and its route passes through the towns and landscapes that are also legendary. An extraordinary journey across European Russia, the Urals, Siberia and the Far East,...
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New Year and Russian Christmas 2017 in Saint Petersburg
9 days / December - January / Group: +4

66,300 RUB
Begin 2017 by sumptuous festivities in Saint-Petersburg, elected better destination of Europe in 2016. As a fairy tale, Saint-Petersburg is a dreamy destination to celebrate the New Year's Eve and Russian...
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Summer Week in Saint Petersburg
7 days / May - October / Group: 4+

38,500 RUB
The Northern Venice and its surroundings devote themselves to you for an intriguing week where the symbols of the imperial wealth of Russia and of its culture will be present to you. By pedestrian excursion...
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Super-Duper fishing near the End of the Earth
10 days / March - May / Group: 1+

74,000 RUB
The once powerful fishing camps were located on the coast of Khaipudyrskaya bay. In those glorious days Russians didn’t eat Norwegian salmon and Japanese crab, they ate his domestic fish fed by the...
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To the Ends of the Earth - Cape Dezhnev
10 days / Year round / Group: 5-10

340,000 RUB
For certain, all of us heard the expression “I am with you even in the ends of the Earth”. In fact, no one has ever seen this “end of the Earth”. One could have only guessed or...
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Wintery journey in Saint Petersburg
5 days / October - May / Group: 4+

21,700 RUB
Let's have a journey to the ancient capital of the czars and its surroundings in their winter splendour. Discover the remarkable and complex architecture of St. Petersburg, as well as its history through...
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Kingdom Of Ice 2017
From 0 RUB
8 days / January - January
Kurils Island Cruise NEW
From 222 750 RUB
11 days / August - August
Land of bears and volcanoes
From 163 200 RUB
10 days / July - August
Meeting Kamchatka
From 97 500 RUB
11 days / July - September
Road of bones Expedition
From 205 200 RUB
12 days / August - September
Treasures of Caucasus
From 112 200 RUB
12 days / July - July
Winter Kamchatka
From 72 500 RUB
8 days / April - April