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Arctic vacation in a Nenets tipi
4 days / December - March / Group: 1-6

45,000 RUB
What do you usually do on your weekends? Do you meet your friends or family? Do you prefer to stay at home or to walk in a shopping center? Are you afraid to switch from a habitual course of life, because...
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Around Baikal Winter Expedition
10 days / Year round / Group: 3-6

100,730 RUB
* * * 30% DISCOUNT OFF -- SPECIAL LAUNCH PRICE 2017 -- 143,900 100,730 RUB * * * There are so many opportunities that the winter season offers to motorists, like the famous winter roads...
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Baikal Buggy Winter Adventure
7 days / February - March / Group: 4-7

69,400 RUB
Thirst for adventure and new feelings? Specially for you BaikalNature made an exclusive tour where every day you will go 75 km and every km will differ from another one!   Buggy is a comfortable and...
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Baikal Multi-Active
8 days / February - March / Group: 4-10

73,800 RUB
The tour "Baikal Multiactive" fits perfectly for those who appreciate active stay. You will enjoy different winter activities: dog sled, snowmobiles, hovercraft, trekking, ascension to Chersky rock, toboggan...
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Following the ancient civilizations
5 days / January - March / Group: 1+

65,000 RUB
Snowmobile tour "In the footsteps of ancient civilizations" is a novelty of 2016 created  by our company.We will take snowmobile trips to the sights where, according to scientists assumptions, ancient...
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Grand Crossing Of Lake Baikal 2017
7 days / February - March / Group: 6-12

58,500 RUB
Willing to live a unique experience in the very heart of Siberia? Test your strength! Hike on Lake Baikal ice, feel Siberian winter and enjoy the heat of Russian banya after such unforgettable experience!  We...
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Karelia Multi-Active
2 days / January - March / Group: 2-8

29,600 RUB
Tired from noisy city and traffic jams? This week end it's time to take a trian from Saint-Petersburg or Moscow to Petrozavodsk to enjoy Karelian nature and to get new emotions!  During these two...
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Kingdom Of Ice 2017
8 days / February - March / Group: 4+

69,400 RUB
The purpose of this voyage is to make it possible for any person with a good level of fitness to have an adventure usually only acceptable for trained travellers.  Thus, this adventure is suitable...
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Kizhi by Hovercraft
2 days / January - March / Group: 5 - 6

21,000 RUB
We offer a trip by hovercraft that will allow you to discover Kizhi museum, one of the largest open air architectural museums. Located on the island of Kizhi on picturesque Lake Onega in Karelia, the museum...
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Kizhi by Snowmobile
2 days / February - March / Group: 6 - 16

29,900 RUB
Take a snowmobile safari through the picturesque villages of Karelia! This is a wonderful tour that will take you to the island of Kizhi by snowmobile with its architectural ensemble. During the trip...
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Ongoing BaikalNatureTours
Kingdom Of Ice 2017
From 0 RUB
8 days / January - January
Kurils Island Cruise NEW
From 222 750 RUB
11 days / August - August
Land of bears and volcanoes
From 163 200 RUB
10 days / July - August
Meeting Kamchatka
From 97 500 RUB
11 days / July - September
Road of bones Expedition
From 205 200 RUB
12 days / August - September
Treasures of Caucasus
From 112 200 RUB
12 days / July - July
Winter Kamchatka
From 72 500 RUB
8 days / April - April