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Rafting on Shuya River
3 days / April - September / Group: 10+

9,000 RUB
Here is a route that is full of emotions and at the same time easy and safe, on one of the most beautiful Karelian rivers, the Shuya. The program's flexibility allows tourists of all ages and physical...
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Snowmobile safari in the Eastern Altai
4 days / December - April / Group: 4+

32,850 RUB
Seven Karakolski lakes are located between 1820 and 2097 meters of altitude, characterize by each a unique color and link together by several canals and streams.You can't stay in the Altai without going...
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Snowmobile tour Hibinskiy Fresh
3 days / November - April / Group: 4-10

45,000 RUB
Our tour of a great snow safari takes place in a picturesque part of land on the Kola Peninsula. Mountains, boundless snowy desert and heavy moving machines taking you to a trip of incredible landscapes....
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Super-Duper fishing near the End of the Earth
10 days / March - May / Group: 1+

74,000 RUB
The once powerful fishing camps were located on the coast of Khaipudyrskaya bay. In those glorious days Russians didn’t eat Norwegian salmon and Japanese crab, they ate his domestic fish fed by the...
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Winter Kamchatka
8 days / January - April / Group: 6-10

72,500 RUB
If the brown bears of Kamchatka go into hibernation, it is not true for the peninsula, on the contrary! Kamchatka is worthy of its great volcanoes and remains very active throughout the year. This trip...
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Winter Safari and Ice Fishing
3 days / January - April / Group: 4-10

29,650 RUB
We propose you two amazing types of vacation. During this tour you will take snowmobile trips along Khibiny Mountains and fish on the largest lake of Kola Peninsula that offers magnificent views to the...
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Wintery journey in Saint Petersburg
5 days / October - May / Group: 4+

21,700 RUB
Let's have a journey to the ancient capital of the czars and its surroundings in their winter splendour. Discover the remarkable and complex architecture of St. Petersburg, as well as its history through...
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Wintery weekend in Saint Petersburg
3 days / October - May / Group: 4+

7,400 RUB
Get away this winter to the heart of the ancient city of the tsars and legendary jewel of the Neva.Considered as one of the most beautiful cities of the world, Saint-Petersburg will warmly receive you...
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