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Trip Length: 8 days Group: 4 - 7 Departure: Fixed Period: July - August Tour type: Active Tour Destinations: Lake Baikal Transport: Private car / bus Accommodation: Resort, Tent, Homestay Activities: Kayaking Visited areas: Maloye More, Olkhon Island, Lake Baikal, Shamanka, Tazheranskaya steppe

Highlights of the Tour:

Opportunity to see Baikal fresh water seals
Possibility to stay in the most beautiful places of journey
Discovery of inaccessible place of Baikal
Itinerary aimed at autonomy and immersion in nature
Visit of sacred places of Olkhon Island - Shaman Rock and Khoboy Cape

Tour Overview:

This voyage is specially for those who seek seclusion from all civilization and entire immersion in nature. The main goal is to let you enjoy a long trip on kayak and minimize all typical features of "a civilized tour": hotels, transport, crowd...

On the one hand, this idea allowed to reduce considerably your budget : very important thing! On the other hand, the kayak is an excellent way to get some privacy, comfort and cover long distances.

The layout of the itinerary passes through symbolic places of Baikal, most of which are accessible only by kayak, like caves, Cape Kobylia Golova, islands of the Small Sea. We will also see Nerpas (Baikal fresh water seals) where the kayak is the single means of transport that does not frighten animal.

Thus, we put our kayaks into the water of the Tutaysky bay and sailing in the north up to our destination, the Village Uzury situated on the eastern part of Olkhon Island. Starting from crossing of the strait "Olkhonsky Gates", we will go to the north passing picturesque bay - Maloye More, Small Sea, the famous Peschanaya Bay, where we will make a break for the half of the day to discover all treasures. Many times itinerary will allow to walk around the coast, discover taiga and views of the lake.

After 5 days of autonomy journey, we will stay at the homestead in Uzury. There we could have a rest : nice beds and russian banya! The next day you have a free day for sightseeing, enjoying a spectacular view over the lake, beautiful capes and rocks!

Last models of sea kayak Triton, russian brand, are used to provide security and comfort. These collapsible kayaks have a rigid structure, inflatable edges that make it unsinkable. For navigating and transporting comfortably, you will seat by two in a three-seat kayak.

Get inspired while reading attentively "Day by Day" and looking at map!

Our offer is UNIQUE.

Tour Programme:

Day 1

Meeting at BaikalNature's office at 9.00. Departure to MRS at 9.30: 250 km of road and track. Free lunch in a cafe on the way. Arriving at the village Tutay. Mounting kayaks. Dinner. Overnight in the resort.
* 3 h of driving
Day 2

Breakfast. Navigation to the sandy beach ''Seven pines''. Crossing of the strait Olkhonskié Vorota. Discovery of the cape Kobylia Golova (head of the Mare) which is separated from the island by a strait of 4 metres. Stopping on the island Khoubine. After lunch we will sail up to the island Ogoï, visit of the Buddhist stupa. Stopping in the beach " Seven pines ". Overnight in the tent.
Picnic for lunch, hot dinner prepared on the fire.
* 5 h of kayak (25 km)
Day 3

Breakfast. Navigation to the sandy beach of Saraysky bay stretches for about 3 km between Burkhan cape and Kharantsy village.
Discover the cape Shamanka. Stopping in the bay of the gulf Sarayski. Overnight in the tent.
Picnic for lunch, hot dinner prepared on the fire.
* 5 h of kayak (25 km)
Day 4

Breakfast. Navigation to the Urochishe Peschanoye famous for its picturesque sand dunes. Discovery of the cape Kharantsy, of golf Bayan-Shungen with islands Edor and Modoto. Arrival at the bay Pestchanaya. Overnight in the tent.
Picnic for lunch, hot dinner prepared on the fire.
* 3 h of kayak (19 km)
Day 5

Breakfast. Navigation to the bay Ossa.
On the way you will discover the bays of the gulfs, the capes Sassa, Khara-Khabssagaïskiï. Stopping in the bay Ossa. Overnight in the tent.
Picnic for lunch, hot dinner prepared on the fire.
* 2 h of kayak (12 km)
Day 6

Breakfast. Navigation to the village Uzury located in the eastern coast of the Olkhone island. On the way you will discover the rock Three Brothers, cape Khoboï where you will enjoy a spectacular view 360 over the lake!. Arrival in Ouzoury. Bania. Overnight in the homestay.
Picnic for lunch, hot dinner served in homestay.
* 4 h of kayak (23 km)
Day 7

Breakfast. Day at leisure. Visit of the village. Optional: excursion by 4X4 to the south of the island to discover the remains of ancient walls of the Kurykans, excursion to the east shore of Olkhon to see salt lake Shara-Nur, boat tour, mountain bicycle, horseback ride. Lunch in the homestay. Dinner and overnight in the homestay.
Day 8

Breakfast. Day of return to Irkutsk. Discover of Olkhon Island and its magnificent Tajeranskye steppes. Explore taiga and villages of Russia. Free lunch in a roadside cafe. Arrival in Irkutsk at BaikalNature office at 18.00 p.m. Return of equipment. End of the program.
* 7 h of driving

This tour is offered with the fixed departure dates. To book the tour please contact us.

Departure: Base price per pers.: Status:
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6. From 05.08.2017 to 12.08.2017 49,600 RUB  /  863 $ /  799 On sale

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Price includes: Price does not include:
English-speaking guide services
Accommodation as per itinerary
Transport as per itinerary
Medical insurance
Excursions and visits as per itinerary
Administrative registration
Reserves and national parks entrance permissions
Tent rental
Letter of invitation
Camping gear rental
Kayak and equipment rental
Dry bag rental
Personal expenses and tips
Visa fees and travel insurance
Transfer from airport / railway station on first day
Transfer to airport / railway station on last day
Sleeping bag rental
Airline tickets

Price Comment

Guaranteed departure from 4 participants.

The price includes breakfast on Day 2-8; lunch Day 2-7 and dinner on Day 1-7.

Trips of July 9th and 23rd, of August 6th and 20th are in the opposite direction.

We recommend you to arrive the day before.

To note: maximum weight to take part in this trip is 100 kg.

Single supplement for the first night is 2000 rubles.

The price of the tour includes travel health insurance for persons under 65 years.

Booking Options

Booking is made by paying a 30% deposit of the total cost.
The balance of 70% is to be paid 21 days before departure.
If late booking (made less than 21 days prior to departure), full payment is required at the time of booking.

Cancellation Options

Please read carefully our Terms & Conditions

List of landmarks that are to be visited (click on the links below):

Olkhon Island Khorgoy cape
Olkhon Island Kurykan fortress wall
Olkhon Island "Deva" rock
Maloye More Buddhist Stupa
Olkhon Island Khankhoy lake
Olkhon Island Urochishe Peschanoye
Olkhon Island Sagan-Khushun cape
Olkhon Island Khoboy Cape
Olkhon Island Shunte-leviy cape
Olkhon Island Uzury area
Olkhon Island Budun Cape

NB : The above description of the landmarks (sights) is for you information only and subject to the available texts. Although we do our best to make this description as specific as possible, just like we try to show a maximum of things during our tours, the real visits may slightly differ. All the landmarks might not be visited, some might just be approached and just as well some sites may be visited that are not described here.

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