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Trip Length: 19 days Group: 6 - 10 Departure: Fixed Period: July - August Tour type: BaikalNature Limited Edition tour Destinations: Lake Baikal Transport: Private car / bus, Train, Ferry, Boat, 4х4, Hydrofoil Accommodation: Hotel, Resort, Inn, Homestead, Tent, Homestay, Train Activities: Cruise / Navigation, Trekking, Cultural exploration Visited areas: Irkutsk, Circum-Baikal, Port Baikal, Listvyanka, Bolshiye Koty, Kadilny Cape, Peschanaya Bay, Olkhon Island, Maloye More, Severobaikalsk, Ayaya Bay, Ulan-Ude, Ust-Barguzin, Barguzinsky Gulf, Barguzinskaya Valley, Selenga

Highlights of the Tour:

Tour the whole Lake Baikal
Bath in Baikal clear water
Hike the most picturesque footpaths in the Baikal area
Discover 80% of the lake's coastline
Meet with locals and enjoy traditional food

Tour Overview:

You wish to discover Lake Baikal from south to north, west to east ? you would like to get a glimpse into the diversity and uniqueness of its area?  You enjoy hiking and would be glad to travel the most picturesque footpaths along the lake? Join the adventure!

Along those 18 days you will alternate 2 to 3 days treks and transfers by car, by boat or by train. During this outstanding journey around the whole lake, you will discover stunning sceneries:  steppes, river delta, sand dunes, cliffs, taiga – preserved fauna and flora and the rough but generous soul of Siberians.

While trekking, your own luggage and the common staff will be carried by jeep or boat so that you only have to carry a small bag with you and enjoy the nature!

On the first day of our journey, we will discover by train the south of the lake, travelling the famous Circumbaikal railway, “The gold buckle of Russia's steel belt”. The railway has been built in the 19th century very close to the shores and is truly an engineering masterpiece. In Port-Baikal, where the railway ends up, we cross Angara spring and arrive in Listvianka, a pretty siberian village.

From Listvianka, we hike 2 days trek through taiga and pasture, heading to Cape Kadilny.

We discover Pestchanaya sand bay, its pinewoods and its turquoise water on short walks.

We arrive on Olkhon Island – heart of the lake and buriat sacred land. During our 3 days trek, we discover the whole north of the island: steppe, sand dunes, cliffs and pasture.

We reach the North of the lake Baikal and travel the “Great Baikal Trail” 3 days long. Sand dunes and crashing waves let place to dense taiga, with moss and lichens as dominant ground vegetation.

We sail to Sviatoy Nos Peninsula, discover Chivyrkuy Bay, seabirds’ paradise!


Tour Programme:

Day 1
Arrival in Irkutsk. Metting with your driver and transfer to the hotel. Check-in at 12h00. Your hotel is situated in the historical block (block 130), where you can find typical buildings of the XVIIIth century in Siberia. Free time.
Day 2
Breakfast. Transfer to the railway station of Irkutsk. Departure by the train "Elektrichka". On the station Temnaya Pad, we get off the train. Trekking by the Angasolka valley till the lake. Picnic on the open air. We advance along the Baikal shore admiring beautiful works of art of the Circumbaikal. Arrival on the Sharyzhalgay Resort. Check-in.
Dinner and overnight.
* of about 15 km of trekking
Day 3
Breakfast. Visit of the outskirts.
Lunch on the resort.
Departure on the local train to the Port baikal. We cross the river on the ferry. Arrival in Listvyanka. Visit of the village. Check-in.
Dinner and overnight.
Day 4
10:00 - Start of the trekking to the Bolshiye Koty village. The first kilometres pass in the taiga, then we we will follow the Baikal shore.
Picnic on the open air. Arrival to the village in the afternoon. Installation. Dinner and overnight.
* 6 h of trekking with high elevation changes, in some areas the path follows the rocks over water
Day 5
Walking around village. We continue the trekking. Discovery of the rock Skriper known by its cavity where the archaeologists found the objects for the hunting and crockery's fragments of the iron age.
Lunch in the picturesque bay.
We continue our trekking till the Natural reserve Pribaikalsky. Installation in the house of forester guards.
Dinner and overnight.
* 6 h of trekking with high elevation changes, in some areas the path follows the rocks over water
Day 6
09:00 - Embarkation on the private boat. Departure to Peschanaya Bay. Trajet jusqu'à la baie Pestchanaïa (4 hours).
Arrival to the recreation centre Baikal Dunes. Instalation and lunch.
In the afternoon, short trekking to the islet "Baklany Kamen" (Cormorant's rock). This island is the southest one that is populated by the cormorants and gulls.
Return to the Peschanaya Bay. Dinner and overnight.
* 3 h of optional hike with high elevation changes, steep slope
Day 7
Small hike* to Babushka bay. Discovery of famous "stiltpines" - pines with naked roots because of wind blowing away all the sand around and under the roots.
Lunch or lunch-box to eat on board
13:00 - boarding onto hydrofoil.
17:05 - Arrival in Khuzhir on Olkhon Island.
Installation at the homestead. Small walk to Shaman Rock.
Dinner and night.
* 3 h of optional hike with high elevation changes
Day 8
The second trek starts. We walk along the western shore of the island across steppe and sand dunes.
Warm lunch cooked by the support team nearby Bayan-Shungen Bay.
We head to Peschanoye settlement, where Staline built a gulag. Nowadays this gulag does not exist anymore, it sank in the sand.
Warm dinner and overnight in tents on the beach.
* 7 h of light hike with average elevation changes
Day 9
Trek goes on, heading to the northernmost point of the island: Cape Khoboy.
Warm lunch cooked by the support team nearby Usyk settlement.
Discovery of Sagan-Khushun's Cape (Three brothers' Cape)*.
Warm dinner and overnight uin tents nearby Cape Khoboy (Cape of the Canine, sacred land of the buryat people).
* 6 h of light hike with average elevation changes
Day 10
Last day of trek. Discovery of Khoboy Cape, the northernmost point of the island. We head now to the eastern part of the island. Discovery of Lovers Cape. We walk through steppes and pastures. We pass two hills and climb on tiny Mount Tolgo/ Breathtaking panorama on the whole island.
Arrival at the weather station of Uzuri.
Installation at the homestead and free afternoon.
Dinner and night.
* 5 h of light hike with average elevation changes
Day 11
Transfer to Zagli Bay, the sunniest spot on the island (about 3 hours drive).
14:20 - Boarding onto hydrofoil. Journey to Severobaikalsk, in the northern part of the lake. This city was built in order to facilitate the building of the Baikal-Amur-Magistral (BAM) railway.
20:40 - Arrival transfer to the hotel.
Installation, dinner and night.
Day 12
09:00 - Transfer to Nijneangarsk. Stops near the stele of Severobaykalsk and near the stele of Evenks from the north of the lake. Excursion to the museum of Evenk culture. We will participate in the ritual of the purification.
We will taste the traditional cuisine, will see the performance of national danсes.
Departure to the river Kichera, the northernmost point of the lake.
Embarkation on the private boat and departure to the Dagari bay.
14:00 - Lunch that we will prepare all together.
Start of the trekking to the Tokshaki cape (about 12 km). Arrival at about 19:00.
Dinner and night.
* 4 h of hike with average elevation changes
Day 13
Transfer on the boat to the cape Nemnyanka (about 12 km).
14:00 - Lunch that we will prepare all together.
Trekking from the cape Tokchaki to the bay Frolikha (about 8 km).
Arrival to the cape at about 17:00. Rest. Hot dinner.
If you want, we will walk till the mouth of the river Frolikha.
* 3 h of hike with average elevation changes
Day 14
Transfer on the boat from the mouth of the river Frolikha to the Ayaya bay.
14:00 - Lunch that we will prepare all together.
Walking around the Frolikha lake. The water of this lake is inhabited by the loach, the fish that is inscribed in the Red List. Return to the Ayaya bay.
The bears are wide spread in the region and may be we will meet one of them in the dense fog of the morning.
Dinner and overnight.
* 7 h of hike with a slight height difference
Day 15
10:00 - Trekking to the Toukalaragdi cape starts.
14:00 - Lunch that we will prepare all together.
Transfer on the boat to the Hydrotherapy centre Khakusy. Bathing in the hot springs. Installation, dinner and overnight.
Day 16
10:00 - departure on the boat to Davsha. Excursion to the Davcha museum.
14:00 - Lunch that we will prepare all together.
In the afternoon, departure in the speed boat to Monakhovo (about 85 km).
Transfer to Oust-Bargouzin.
Dinner and overnight in the homestay.
Day 17
Free day (possibility to make an excursion - fro extra payment).
Dinner and overnight.
Day 18
9:00 - Transfer to Ulan-Ude (about 4 hours).
Free afternoon in the city centre.
Optional: Visit of Ivolginsk Datsan (Buddhist temple), which is the centre of Buddhism in Russia.
In the evening, transfer to the railway station. Installation in the train to Irkutsk.
Overnight in train.
Day 19
To 8:00 - arrival at the railway station of Irkutsk. End of the program.

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Medical insurance
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Price Comment

Supplement for accommodation in single room Days 1,3,6,7,11,15,17: 12 550 RUB

If the number of participants is less than 6, the following supplement is applied:

- group of 2 - 74 620 RUB / pers.

- group of 3-4 - 23 820 RUB / pers.

- group of 5 - 9 160 RUB / pers.

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The balance of 70% is to be paid 21 days before departure.
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List of landmarks that are to be visited (click on the links below):

Irkutsk Kirov Square
Circum-Baikal Ptichiy Bazar
Circum-Baikal Polovinny Tunnel
Circum-Baikal Belaya Viyemka
Circum-Baikal Podpornaya wall
Circum-Baikal Beryozovaya bay
Port Baikal Lighthouse
Listvyanka Shaman rock
Bolshiye Koty Screeper Cape
Kadilny Cape Kadilny Cape
Peschanaya Bay Peschanaya Bay
Olkhon Island Khorgoy cape
Maloye More Buddhist Stupa
Olkhon Island Urochishe Peschanoye
Olkhon Island Sagan-Khushun cape
Olkhon Island Khoboy Cape
Olkhon Island "Deva" rock
Olkhon Island Shunte-leviy cape
Olkhon Island Uzury area
Olkhon Island Zhima mountain
Pokoyniki Cape Pokoyniki Cape
Kotelnikovsky Cape Kotelnikovsky Cape
Yarki Island Yarki island
Lake Frolikha Frolikha spring
Ulan-Ude Soviet Square
Ayaya Bay Ayaya Bay
Lake Frolikha Lake Frolikha
Ulan-Ude Arbat
Ulan-Ude Gostiny Dvor
Svyatoy Nos Lake Arangatuy
Chivyrkuysky Gulf Spring of Zmeinaya Bay
Barguzinskaya Valley Suvinskiy Saxon castle

NB : The above description of the landmarks (sights) is for you information only and subject to the available texts. Although we do our best to make this description as specific as possible, just like we try to show a maximum of things during our tours, the real visits may slightly differ. All the landmarks might not be visited, some might just be approached and just as well some sites may be visited that are not described here.

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