BaikalNature Tours Mythical Transsiberian 18D / 17N from St Petersburg

Mythical Transsiberian 18D / 17N from St Petersburg (Tour # 65903)

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Trip Length: 18 days Group: 4 + Departure: Fixed Period: August - December Tour type: Classic Tour Destinations: Trans-Siberian Railway, Saint Petersburg Transport: Private car / bus, Train, Public transport Accommodation: Hotel, Train Activities: Cultural exploration, Master class Visited areas: Trans-Siberian Railway, St. Petersburg Region, St. Petersburg, Moscow Region, Moscow, Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan, Sverdlovsk Region, Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Listvyanka, Primorsky Region, Vladivostok

Highlights of the Tour:

Travel by the legendary Trans-Siberian Railway
Discover some of the most beautiful Russian cities
Explore the culture of Russia
A variety of breathtaking landscapes across the largest country in the world
Various activities available to everyone
A local guide on each stage of the journey

Tour Overview:

The Trans-Siberian Railway is a legend and its route passes through the towns and landscapes that are also legendary. An extraordinary journey across European Russia, the Urals, Siberia and the Far East, continuing for more than seven hours with unforgettable encounters on the itinerary of this extraordinary expedition.

Discover Saint Petersburg historic and cultural, the treasures of Moscow, Kazan (the capital of Tatarstan) Ekaterinburg, the wealth of Siberian Irkutsk (the "Paris of Siberia"), Lake Baikal (the heart of Siberia) and finally the famous Vladivostok.

Alternating travelling by veritable Railway with stops, you'll enjoy what makes the wealth of Russia, the monumental architecture of the tsarist and Soviet eras as well as the people's warmth and hospitality. You will discover ancient cultures of different people and religions. In a word, you will not only visit Russia but also meet Russian people.

Tour Programme:

Day 1

Arrival in Saint-Petersburg.

Optional transfer from the airport:
2300 RUB / car for 1-3 passengers;
3600 RUB / car for 4-8 passengers;
supplement for a car from 11:00 pm and 6:00 am 950 RUB.

Check-in at the hotel.
Free time.
Free dinner. Night in the hotel.
Day 2

9:00 AM Meeting with your guide at the “Alexandrinsky Theatre” underneath its columns and the chariot.

9:10 AM Departure by private car for an excursion in the city center, making several stops for 10-15 minutes. During this city tour you will discover the heart of Saint Petersburg: Rossi street, Nevsky Prospect, where the Kazan Cathedral is located, the Singer Building and the galleries of Gostiny Dvor. Passing along the Malaya Morskaya street, one of the most elegant at the time, we will observe St. Isaac's Cathedral from the outside. Our city tour will be followed by a visit to Vasilyevsky Island, opening a magnificent view of the Neva and the Peter and Paul Fortress. After that we will cross the Trinity Bridge, making our way back to Palace Square.
01:30 PM Lunch in a café of Russian specialties.

03:00 PM Guided tour of the State Hermitage Museum, the biggest of the world with a collection of more than 3 million works.
You will also discover the Winter Palace, which was the main home of the Tsars, the jewel of the Russian baroque Art.

After 18:00 unguided visit of the Fabergé museum, the famous jeweler where is exposed the biggest collection of his works.

Free dinner. Night in the hotel.
(Choose and book an option for your evening from our offer)
Day 3


Winter season:

09:00 AM Meeting with your guide at the “Alexandrinsky Theatre” underneath its columns and the chariot.
09:10 AM Transfer to Pushkin, former residence of the Tsars. Visit of Tsarskoye Selo, palace of Catherine the Great. A ride through the Alexander Park on a troika - a sleigh pulled by three horses.

12:00 PM Lunch in a restaurant of Russian cuisine and departure for Pavlovsk.

02:00 PM Guided walk through the imperial parks of the city.

Return to the hotel to 05:30 PM

Free time till the train.

11:42 PM Departure by Deluxe train to Moscow. Transfer to the railway station not included.

Summer season:

09:00 AM Transfer to Pushkin, former residence of the tsars. Visit of Tsarkoye Selo, palace of Catherine the Great. Russian troika sleigh ride in the park.

12:30 AM Departure to Pavlosk with a stop in the way to get lunch at an European restaurant.

02:00 PM Walk in the imperial parks of the city with our guide.

Return to the hotel to 5.30 p.m.

Free time till the train.

11:42 PM Departure by Deluxe train to Moscow. Transfer to the railway station not included.
Day 4

8:14 AM Arrival in Moscow. Transfer up to your hotel where you will leave your luggage in deposits. Free breakfast.

10:00 AM Meeting with your guide in the entrance hall and departure for the famous Red Square, where you will discover through the historic center of Moscow its monuments and its symbolic buildings (Cathedral Basile the blessed, the mausoleum of Lenin, Goum) marked by further past events. Then we shall continue with a walk in Kitaï-gorod, the oldest district of Moscow, shall pass in front of Loubianka, headquarters of the KGB, and along the magnificent buildings and churches constructed several centuries ago.

1.00 PM Lunch time in a russian food restaurant

2.30 PM Guided tour of the Kremlin, the symbolic fortress of the capital originally to shelter the rising city from the Mongol invasions and centralizing even today all the political, economic, cultural and religious powers (Cathedral of the Assumption, the square of the patriarchs, cannon "Czar Pouchka", Bell "Czar Kolokol".
Walk in the shade of ramparts in the garden Alexandrovski. Passage in front of the theater
Bolchoï and the theater Mally then the stroll up to the Pushkin square, via Tverskaïa street.

Free afternoon ending with possibility to spend time in Sandouny baths .
Free dinner. Night in the hotel. (Optional, book your evening in the Pouchkine coffee or in the Bolshoy theatre)
Day 5

Breakfast in the hotel. Check-out with possibility to let your luggages in deposit. (A financial compensation may be require)

9.00 AM Visit of the ancient Zamoskvorechie district. Walk into the park Gorki, through the park of sculptures to the Tretiakov gallery . Visit of this famous museum which exhibit an impressive collection of Russian's arts, as well as splendid icons. Walk (or in underground according to the weather) across the city centre up to the pedestrian Arbat street.

12.00 AM Lunch time

01.00 PM Underground transfer to the Novodievicthi convent with severals stops in the nicest stations to discover sculptures, mosaics, mouldings and other sumptuous decorations of this underground museum with explanations and anecdotes. Visit of one of the most famous monasteries of Russia. Bare of splendid architectural group, witness of history. Walk at the edge of the pond, and along bulwarks. Return by the famous adjacent graveyard where many personalities are buried.

5.30 PM Back to the hotel to pick all your stuff and transfer up to the train station.

6.45 PM Departure to Kazan. Free dinner and night in the train.
Day 6

7.30 AM Meet your guid at the train station

8.00 AM Breakfast time

9:00 AM Guided tour "Mysteries of Kazan". Around the legends and the mysterious stories of the city, discover its Kremlin, the cathedral of the Annunciation, the historic district Old Tatar, the Monastery of the Virgin. Our guide will share with you the secrets of treasures buried at the bottom of the lake Kaban.

12:30 AM Lunch time with Master - class with a tatar chef.

1.30 PM check-in and spare time

3.00 PM Pedestrian visit of the " streets of Kazan " with excursion in the Museum of History of the University of Kazan, manor house Ushkova (National library of the Republic of Tatarstan), and the cathedral Peter and Paul.

Spare time and free dinner. Night in the hotel.

Our recommendation, have a walk by night to enjoy the city.
Day 7

Breakfast in the hotel. Check-out.

9.30 AM Discovery of the surroundings of the city: the Island of Sviyazhsk established by Yvan the Terrible and the Temple of all the religions, an architectural attempt gathering all the religions of the world.

2.00 PM Lunch Time

3.30 PM Return in the history of the city with a pedestrian excursion in the old Tartar district and the visit of the Mosque. An excursion to go back to the origins of Kazan and its people.

4.30 PM Museum of Chak-Chak, warm and friendly! Around a team you will learn about Tatars traditions, the culture and the language with tastings the symbolic pastries.

6.00 PM Dinner time and transfer up to the train station.

7.00 PM Departure to Yekaterinbourg.

Night in the train.
Day 8

Free brakfast and lunch on board. +2H respect to Moscow Time.

12.30 AM From your arrival meet your guide in the hall of the train station, then start the excursion to the border of both continents - Europe and Asia. Along the way you will learn the history of the western part of Yekaterinbourg. Visit of "Ural Golgotha" and places connected with the tragical story of the last Romanov. Visit of the Cathedral On the Blood as well as "Ganina Yama" (a monastery in saint Regal Martyrs's name), built in the style of the antique architecture.


6.00 PM Dinner time

7.00 PM Pedestrian Visit of the city and discoveries of the most characteristic sites.

Night in the hotel
Day 9

Breakfast in the hotel.

Check-out (your luggage will be safe in a hotel's office)

Free day to discover by yourself the city.

Free lunch and dinner.

10.25 PM Departure to Irkoutsk. You will go off the Ural region to enter in Siberia throw the impressive taiga.

Night on board
Day 10

Breakfast on board

During this day on board you will measure the taiga, which extends over hundreds of kilometers and its immense characteristic swamps of western Siberia.

Free lunch, The train makes many stops for several tens of minutes so you can go down to the platform to breath some fresh air, buy souvenirs, etc.

By arriving in the region of the Ob you will make a stopover in Novosibirsk, the Siberian capital, crossed by this immense river bounding east, western Siberia with its taiga of birches and larches. +3H respect to Moscow Time.

Purchasing your trip, an excellent venue for friendly meetings.

Free dinner and night on board
Day 11

Free breakfast in the train

During this another day on board you will still cross the taiga, the train makes many stops for several tens of minutes so you can go down to the platform to breath some fresh air, buy souvenirs, etc.

Free lunch time on board

You will pass in the evening by Krasnoyarsk and its nature reserve, built at the edge of the river the Yenisei and its dam one of the biggest of the world. +4H respect to Moscow Time.

Purchasing your trip, an excellent venue for friendly meetings.

Free dinner and night on board
Day 12

8.00 AM Arrival at Irkoutsk, +5 respect to Moscow time. Meeting with your guid.

Departure to Listvyanka, with breakfast on the way. Visit the Museum of the Baikal where you'll lern about the local flora and fauna. Check-in.

12.00 Lunch to a baikal restaurant.

Peaceful afternoon with your guide to enjoy a walk along the Baikal border, hike up to Chersky Rock where you will enjoy an incredible view or to buy smoked umul in the fish market.

Dinner and night in the hotel.
Day 13

Breakfast in the hotel, check-out

Spare time

11.00 AM transfer to Irkoutsk

On the way visit to Taltsy - museum of traditional Siberian architecture in the open air.

Lunch Time

Check-in for the day-use chamber. Pedestrian city tour of Irkutsk. Discovery of old wooden houses, churches, the Decembrists museum, central market place and mall.

Dinner at restaurant. Free time.

Transfer to the train station.

09.20 PM Departure to Vladivostok

Night in the train.
Day 14

Free breakfast on board.

In the morning you will cross Ulan-Ude, the Buriata capital and Buddhist center, then the region transbaïkalienne and its high plateaus subjected at the same time to the warm climate of the steppes of the South and to the moderate climate stemming from this inner sea.

Day on the train, an excellent venue for friendly meetings. The train makes many stops for several tens of minutes so you can go down to the platform to breath some fresh air, buy souvenirs, etc.

Free lunch and dinner on board.

Night in the train.
Day 15

Free breakfast on board.

During this day you will cross another time zone +6H respect to Moscow Time. You will going throw the Amur region with wild and green landscapes, mountains and its fauna compounds of endangered species.

Free lunch, The train makes many stops for several tens of minutes so you can go down to the platform to breath some fresh air, buy souvenirs, etc.

This part of your journey whatever your dates will be one of the most atypical and frosty, the biggest records of the transsiberian railway (from the steep incline to the longest curve, the steep descent, tunnels, temperatures) will give rhythm to your day.

Free dinner and night on board
Day 16

Free breakfst and lunch on board.

08.30 PM Arrival at your final destination, end point of this incredible journey. Transfer to your accomodation and spare time.

Free dinner and Night in the hotel.
Day 17

Breakfast in the hotel.

Spare time

11.00 Appointment with your guid to start the excursion.

12.00 Lunch in a local restaurant

In the afternoon, you will leave for excursions conveyed to discover Vladivostok. You will go up in the funicular to observe the panorama since the heights, will discover the secrets of the city, will cross on symbolic bridges leading to the Russian island, the first rampart protecting the bay.

Afterward, you will finish by a pedestrian discovery of the museum of the beautiful star and the submarine S-56.

Spare time to remember the best parts and moments of this magic and mythical journey.

Free dinner and night in the hotel.
Day 18

Breakfast in the hotel. Checkout.

Spare time, according to the flight schedules.

Transfer to the airport

This tour is offered with the fixed departure dates. To book the tour please contact us.

Departure: Base price per pers.: Status:
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15. From 02.12.2016 to 19.12.2016 161,200 RUB  /  2,489 $ /  2,195 On sale

Please select number of adults

Price includes: Price does not include:
Transfers in Irkutsk
English-speaking guide
Accommodation as per itinerary
Transport as per itinerary
Excursions and visits as per itinerary
Reserves and national parks entrance permissions
Transfer from airport / railway station on first day
Transfer to airport / railway station on last day
Letter of invitation
Meals during excursions
Railway tickets in 2nd class
Personal expenses and tips
Visa fees and travel insurance
Optional activities
Meals in train
Guide in the trains
Meals during free days
Guide during free days
Airline tickets

Price Comment

The price of the journey is per person for a departure guaranteed from 4 participants. This price rate does not correspond to a stay in privative, for any individual request, please contact us.

Schedules registered in the description of the stay are indicative, they can be modified as well as the order of the excursions according to train times and to season.

Rooms are for 2 people, for any individual request a supplement will be required.

Booking Options

Booking is made by paying a 30% deposit of the total cost.
The balance of 70% is to be paid 21 days before departure.
If late booking (made less than 21 days prior to departure), full payment is required at the time of booking.

Cancellation Options

Please read carefully our Terms & Conditions

List of landmarks that are to be visited (click on the links below):

Moscow GUM
Irkutsk Kirov Square
Listvyanka Cherskiy rock
Vladivostok Funicular
Vladivostok Golden Horn Bay
Vladivostok Mermaid
St. Petersburg Admiralty building
St. Petersburg Alexander Column
St. Petersburg Alexander Garden
St. Petersburg Alexandinsky Theater
St. Petersburg Anichkov Bridge
St. Petersburg Anichkov Palace
St. Petersburg Boslhoy Gostiny Dvor
St. Petersburg Bronze Horseman
St. Petersburg Cathedral of Kazan
St. Petersburg Cruiser Aurora
St. Petersburg Fields of Mars
St. Petersburg General Headquarters
St. Petersburg Hermitage Theatre
St. Petersburg Marble Palace
St. Petersburg Mariinsky Theatre
St. Petersburg New Hermitage
St. Petersburg Palace Square
St. Petersburg Rostral Columns
St. Petersburg Russian Museum
St. Petersburg Saint Isaac Cathedral
St. Petersburg Senate Square
St. Petersburg Senate and Synod
St. Petersburg Small Hermitage
St. Petersburg Smolny Convent
St. Petersburg Summer Garden
St. Petersburg The Hermitage Museum
St. Petersburg The Passage
St. Petersburg Winter Palace

NB : The above description of the landmarks (sights) is for you information only and subject to the available texts. Although we do our best to make this description as specific as possible, just like we try to show a maximum of things during our tours, the real visits may slightly differ. All the landmarks might not be visited, some might just be approached and just as well some sites may be visited that are not described here.

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