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Cruise Yakutsk -Tiksi - Yakutsk (Tour # 65917)

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Trip Length: 14 days Departure: Fixed Period: July - September Tour type: Classic Tour Destinations: Yakutia Transport: Private car / bus, Boat Accommodation: Boat Activities: Cruise / Navigation, Cultural exploration Visited areas: Yakutsk, Jigansk, Kussur, Tiksi, Sottintsy

Highlights of the Tour:

Visit of Yakutsk (Yakutia's capital)
Discovering the Lena Pillars
Crossing the Artic Circle
Sailing up the Lena River all the way to its delta
Getting acquainted with the Yakuts and their culture
Conference on Yakutia and russian language course

Tour Overview:

Dive deep into one of the northernmost regions of Siberia: Yakutia. You will gain an insight into this remote region as you sail down the greatest river in Russia: the Lena River.

As you travel aboard the Mikhail Svetlov cruise ship, the regions will unveil its hidden treasures.

Your tour will first take you to Yakutsk, the region’s capital. Then as the ship sails away you will get to see one of the most stunning phenomenons on the Lena River: the Lena Pillars. In the course of the cruise and the stops the River’s banks will constantly dazzle you. You will also get acquainted with Yakutia’s history and culture.

Aboard the ship you will cross the mythical Arctic Circle. You will keep sailing down the Lena River (and further north) all the way to its delta, where you will visit the village of Tiksi located on the shores of the Laptev Sea (a part of the Arctic Ocean).

Tour Programme:

Day 1

Arrival in Yakutsk. Transfer to the River port. Accommodation in cabins. Currency exchange. Lunch. City tour. Visit to the Museum of Local Lore. Souvenir and Jewelry shops.
Yakutsk is a capital of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) with a population of almost 300 thousand people (28 % of the Republic's total population). It was established in 1632 by Petr Beketov, the Enisey Cossack. Yakutsk is located on the left bank of the Lena River on Tuymaada valley. It is the biggest city settled on permafrost zone. Its territory covers 122 square km. Yakutsk is an administrative and cultural center of the region (there are 7 theatres including Opera and ballet theatre, Northern circus). The industrial sector is important and supports the economical life of the city.
In the evening at 19:00– ship departure
Day 2

The tour takes you to the "Lena Pillars" national park where you can see the steep cliffs- unique natural phenomen - that form the Lena Pillars. These cliffs are 200 meters high and stretch for 40 km along the river. One can distinguish colonnades, arches, battlements in their shapes. You will enjoy a wonderful rest in this fairy "land". After participating in a welcome ceremony with ritual dance and "Purifying with fire" ceremony, you will be taken to a rock massif (a trip only for the tough!). Up there you will just be speechless. From the top of one of the "tower" you will get an amazing view of the great river, endless taiga zone and rocks. Looking up at the sky in all its different shade of color one feels like a part of this untouched and endless nature.
Day 3

Buotama is a right tributary of the Lena with a length of 418 km. 40-30 thousand years ago this land was inhabited by hunters to mammoths and bisons. Lots of prehistoric settlements were discovered here. There are hundreds of years the river basin was rich in mnerai which was produced iron. Nowadays in the taiga it is possible to find primitive kilns of the time. In 2006 near the source of the river Buotama a breeding center for bison was founded to restore the population representatives of mammoths family. The animals were transported from Canada. The buffalo breeding center of 100 hectars is unique in Russia.
Day 4

In this area the Lena river enters the Central-Yakut lowland. Its valley widens up to 20-40 km, the flood plain is 7 to 15 km large. There are many lakes and swamps in the river plains. The river bed branches out at this point, the boat has to change its course. The depth of the river can reach 16 to 20 meters. On the way the boat tmeets one of the river's largest: the Aldan River.
As the cruise keeps going one can see beautiful sights of the Verkhoyansk Mountains. The river extends and the banks are farther and farther, it is river's the widest valley and it has plenty of islands and canals. Deserted banks pass by for hundreds of kilometers in this limitless river environment.
Day 5

Zhigansk is the first settlement beyond the Polar circle. The Zhigansk fortified town was established in 1632 just like Yakutsk. The name "Zhigansk" comes from the Tungus language and means "an inhabitant of lower lands". the main activites here are hunting, fishing and
cattle-breeding. Zhigansk is an administrative district center with over 3 thousand people. Our ship will anchor on the river due to insufficient water depth, and you will reach the bank on a small ferry. You will be impressed by an amazing performance of local actors, throught their onprovies epic songs and traditional drums will sound like the blowing snow, the wind whistle or the whisper of leaves.
Day 6

The tour will take you to Kussur, a small settlement in the North of the Arctic Circle. Men are engaged in reindeer breeding and hunting, women make beautiful traditional clothes decorated with fur and beads. Kusur will impress you with its simple village life typical of the Extreme North areas, you will appreciate the warm and sincere behaviour of the villagers. The look of the rural settlement will leave its mark as severe climate and strong winds have a strong influence on houses and streets. Local places here are known for their tragic history linked with the hard life of expatriates from the Baltic states and Central Yakutia.
Day 7

You will be offered an excursion to the Tiksi settlement- the sea gates of Yakutia if the weather allows it. The name of Tiksi comes from the Yakut language, it means "meeting and mooring place". Tiksi appeared on the map in the middle of 1930s. The navigable period here is extremely short only 2,5 months. During 9-10 months the Laptev sea is frozen; the ice thickness is up to 1,5-2 meters or more. In winter there are polar nights: the sun seems to forget about this area. Darkness sets for several months. Sometimes one can see Polar lights in the dark sky of the night. In summer there is a period of white nights. The midnight Yakut sun shins for almost 24 hours a day. Tiksi was one of the most beautiful towns of Yakutia during the Soviet period. However nowadays it is going through significant economic difficulties.
Day 8

The Lena River is one of the greatest rivers of Siberia and is among the biggest waterways of the world. There is hardly a river in the Arctic Eurasia that forms such a big estuary with an area of over 32 000 square km. The Lena River's delta is a net made of big and small streams, canals and lakes and over 1 500 islands of various shapes and sizes. Here the Lena River completes its journey to the Arctic ocean. The day will be spent on board.You will see the so-called Lensk "pipe". Steep rocky 400 meters high islands in some places hang above the water. The watercourse width narrows down to 2 km or less, thus emphasizing the great banks.
Day 9

Siktyah ("wet" in Yakut language) is a small village situated on the picturesque banks of the Lena. It was founded over 3000 years ago by the warriors of the Empress Catherine II, who were sent to the area to collect the tribute paid by the natives.
Day 10

The Polar circle is an imaginary line on the Earth and a parallel in the northern hemisphere with the latitude of 66’33’38’’. During the winter solstice (December 21-22) north of the Polar circle the sun does not rise at all and during the summer solstice period (June 21-22) the sun does not set. The Polar circle is constantly moving, its geographic location is not stable. In fact, it moves approximately 2 meters each day and almost 100 meters each year. The polar circle position can be easily determined any time with the help of modern technologies. During the tour our ship will cross the Polar circle in the area of Zhigansk district. On the initiative of Zhigansk citizens on the left bank of the Lena River you can see a symbolic sign that says "The Polar circle".
Day 11

Leaving the endless water environment beyond the Northern Polar Circle we pass the estuaries of the rivers Viluy and Aldan. The water[s stretch here is unbelievable. Between Zhigansk district and the Viluy River estuary there is a natural boundary called "40 islands". There are actually more than 40 islands and you will be dazzled by their fairy tale appearance.
Day 12

It is one of the most beautiful virgin places where you will enjoy the beauty of the picturesque landscape. You can have a walk on this wild bank, see the abundance of nature and enjoy a beautiful sunset. In the evening as the cruise will be almost complete, a symbolic Fire of friendship will be lit and songs in different languages will be performed.
Day 13

An excursion to historic-architecture open-air museum "Druzhba" ("Friendship") located on the
spot of the primary foundations of the "Lensk fortified town" established by Russian cossacks (which would be the
future city of Yakutsk). The Museum shows samples of ancient wooden architecture in traditional Russian and Yakut styles. Wooden home utensils, national Yakut clothes and monuments of Russian Orthodoxy are of great interest. Wonderful landscapes and interesting historical excursions make the museum visit both informative and pleasant.
Day 14

05:00 Arrival in Yakutsk. Breakfast. Luggage check. Transfer to airport. Departure from Yakutsk.

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Everyday lectures about Yakutia, the Russian language classes and movie demonstration are offered. Thematic entertaining program in the musical saloon will be available in the evening.

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