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Custom Tours and Logistics

Organization of custom tours is an important branch of the activity of BaikalNature travel company. Every year almost one-third of all our customers ask us to work out a special itinerary for them. Tell us about your project and let our experience, beneficial location, and eagerness implement your unique trip!

Who are our custom tours intended for? For all those who are restricted with time. For those who have not found the itinerary of their dream in the wide range of tours that we propose. For those who wish to compose a unique itinerary basing on the ready solutions offered in other sections of our website. For the tourists who would like to adjust a certain voyage to their budget. For those striving to immerse themselves into the cultural and language environment. For artists, photographers, and filmmakers working at TV-programmes, articles, or other projects in Russia or Mongolia who need professional and effective logistics.

Looking for particular logistics? Our team is very experienced in organizing specific travels, expeditions, and filmmaking of any kind. As an example, we'd like to mention Yann-Arthus Bertrand (his 6 Billion Others project), Joel Farges (Serko feature film), France 3 Channel (Faut pas rêver programme by Laurent Bignolas), and others (France 2, France 5 Channels...) whom we provided with professional logistics.

Basing on this experience, as well as on our excellent knowledge of the region and reliable working relations with service providers, we will do our utmost to give you all the logistical support necessary for successful fulfillment of your project. At the same time, we guarantee you total confidentiality, if needed, before, during, and after the implementation of the project.

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Your Custom Tour in Three Steps

1. Studying our ready solutions in the other sections of BaikalNature website (trekking, voyaging, excursions, and visits) will inspire you and help shape your ideas. Now you only need to fill in the application form for a Custom tour order and describe your project in details. And here we go!

2. We study your application, develop a proposal, and send it to you within the shortest time. Alongside with the proposal you will receive its price and detailed description. As soon as you let us know your decision, we make any changes if necessary, you approve the project.

3. Next, it is the same as with our regular tours: you pay the amount of deposit specified in your technical sheet, we send you an invitation letter, you obtain a visa, purchase your plane or train tickets and that's all. Have a nice trip!

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