Russia Tours

Discover another Russia away from the crowds of tourists filling Red Square or Peterhof Palace. The largest country in the world where one region can be as big as India. Travel on volcanoes or up to the North Pole, through the most extraordinary UNESCO-listed places. Meet with the shamans, the reindeer herders, the whales and the white bears. Let BaikalNature lead you through the infinite diversity of Russian landscapes. Go and see the true nature of Russia. Your true nature.

Holiday packages

BaikalNature organizes all inclusive vacations in all parts of Russia. Explore Lake Baikal, Kamchatka, and Arctic. Go for adventure tour through tundra and taiga, cruise to the North Pole to see polar bears. Meet with the nomadic people of Siberia. Experience active kayak camping, snowmobile trails, trek tours or Russian river rafting or choose either a volcano tour or a northern lights trip. Find the best vacation package!

Places to visit in Russia

Russia is 6.6 square miles large and counts a 100 000 rivers, 129 active volcanoes, 11 UNESCO world heritage sites. Come and visit them with BaikalNature!

  • Volcanoes – See Kamchatka active volcanoes and Sakhalin mud volcanoes.
  • Hot springs – Choose cheap package holidays to Russia and bathe in one of its numerous hot springs.
  • Northern lights – Where to see northern lights? No need to go up to the North Pole! Come visit the most extreme Russian areas and admire aurora borealis.
  • UNESCO World Heritage – See the animals of Wrangel Island Reserve, the Golden Mountains of Altai, Karelia Kizhi Pogost on Lake Onega, Caucasus Mountains, Lake Baikal or Yakutia Lena Pillars.
  • Wildlife sanctuaries – Population density in Russia is almost 4 times lower than that of the United States. It is a wildlife land. You'll see brown bears fishing salmons, Baikal seals swimming across the lake. Going northward, you'll see buffaloes grazing and whales migrating. And if you go on a cruise to the North Pole and you’ll even see the polar bears and the seabird colonies that live in the Arctic white desert.

When is the best time for holidays in Russia?

You like admiring stunning landscapes as well as experiencing adventure tourism? Go for amazing white river rafting, kayak camping or dogsledding!

  • Kayaking – Kayak camping or one day kayak excursion? Paddle through the largest lake in the world.
  • White river rafting – Raft down the longest rivers, the white rivers or the canyons.
  • Trekking – Go for a trek tour on volcanoes, in Altai or Caucasus mountains, or on the ice of the deepest lake in the world.
  • Fishing – Learn ice fishing during one of our all included tours. Or go trophy fishing in Kamchatka!
  • Snowmobiling – Have unforgettable snowmobile vacations! Become the king of Russian winter: cross Lake Onega in Karelia or snowmobile through Nenets tundra on a cheap package holiday!
  • Dogsledding – Learn sled riding in the Russian winter and meet with adorable huskies.

Living with the peoples of Russia or learning Gulag's history?

Who said History was written in stone? Find the nomads, face a real frozen mammoth and follow the path of Arctic explorers and of Gulag's prisoners.

  • Nomadic people – Where to see reindeers? Many nomadic people herd reindeers in the tundra. Go meet with them!
  • Gulag – Hear the stories of the victims of Stalinism and follow the tracks they left.
  • Prehistoric sites – Time travel. Walk in Choukotka gigantic carved whale bones alley, see Kola Peninsula Inuit stone carvings or face Yakutia frozen mammoth.

BaikalNature made for you all inclusive trips that will have you embrace the beauty and the wildness of the largest country. Go for a cheap package holiday in Russia with an English speaking tour operator and explore the preserved nature of its landscapes!

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