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August 22, 2019 «BaikalNature» LLC, owner of the website (hereinafter called «website»), on behalf of director Pavel Ageychenko, acting on the basis of the Charter, accepts the importance of personal information. This policy is applicable to all services on the website. Information collection and use Registering the order users give the following accurate information about themselves: • Full name • Telephone • Email address • Birth date • Passport data • Permanent address Cookies When users visit the website one or several cookies are sent to their computers. They are small files which contain sets of symbols and let identify a web browser. We use cookies to improve quality of our services saving custom settings and defining tendencies in users actions, for example, when they form their market-basket. Most browsers are initially set to accept cookies, but a user can reject cookies or set the demonstration of sending confirmations. However some services on the website may malfunction without cookies. Other websites The present privacy policy is applicable to websites and services, which belong to «BaikalNature» LLC and are directed by it. We do not control websites shown in search results and links presented in our services. These websites can display their own cookies or other files to your computer, collect data or ask for personal information. «BaikalNature» LLC does not collect highly sensitive information about users; for instance, bank card numbers. All payments are done via authorized processing service. «BaikalNature» LLC processes your personal information for the following purposes: 1) to provide our services and products 2) to elaborate new and improve already available services 3) to contact you in order to render services Choice regarding personal information All received from you data are only used by «BaikalNature» LLC to make your visiting the website pleasant and convenient. The information given by you is not shared with third persons, organizations and only used for the purposes it was collected. If we need to use the information for some purposes, which are different from those it was collected for, we ask your permission before. If you refuse to give us necessary personal information when we ask for it, we are not able to render our services. Information sharing «BaikalNature» LLC shares personal information with other non-affiliated companies, organizations or people in the following special circumstances: • You accorded permission. To share any secret information about a user, we need to obtain his/her permit. • We got a requisition from state bodies to share the information. • To protect honour, dignity, rights, property, and safety of «BaikalNature» LLC, users and community. We can share some cumulative non-personal information with third parties. This information does not serve to identify users. Only those staff members of «BaikalNature» LLC, contractors, and agents who need personal information to render services directly concerned a user have access to it. If you have any questions concerning the present privacy policy, you can contact us by email: or at: BaikalNature LLC 55 Dekabrskikh Sobytiy Str., office 405.2, Irkutsk Russia 664007 Tel.: +7 3952 26-56-94
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