Cabin of Peter the Great

This cabin, with its humble size (60sq-m), is considered as the first house in Saint Petersburg. Located near the Peter and Paul fortress, it was built in round timber in just three days by soldiers-carpenters. It architecture mixed the style of the Russian traditional isba and some elements from dutch baroque style. Peter the Great lived the cabin, in summer, from 1703 to 1708, as he was supervising the construction of his new Imperial capital city. In 1784, Catherine the Great had the cabin be surrounded by brick walls so as to protect it. In 1875, a bronze bust of Peter the Great, made by sculptor Parmen Zabiello, was added in front of the house. Today the cabin of Peter the Great and the brick structure protecting are a tourist attractions. It has been turned into a museum where one can admire items and personal effects from Emperor such as a bronze plate indicating his size: 2.04m.
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