Moscow Triumphal Arch

The Moscow Triumphal Arch commemorates the victory of the Russian troops and the treaty that put an end to the many conflicts that had taken place with Turkey (1828-1829). Architect Vasily Stasov was put in charge of the construction which lasted fro 1834 to 1838. The material used as a basis for this structure was cast-iron. The twelve columns weight all together about four hundred and fifty tons. The portico is meant to show the strength of the Imperial army. It is surmounted by a frieze depicting thirty spirits with wings. War trophies complete the 24 meters-high structure. The monument sort of marks the door to Saint Petersburg as it was erected on the corner of Moscow and Logovsky Avenues. Dismantled in 1936 by the Soviet authorities, its material was used to build an anti-tank structure during the siege of Leningrad in 1941. In 1960, after a restoration and remelting of the lost parts, the Arch was erected back in its initial spot.
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