Alexander Garden

The Alexander Garden, located in the center of Saint Petersburg, covers an area of 9 ha. Created in the 19th century, it is lined with important buildings including the Admiralty and Saint Isaac Cathedral. Real greenbelt more than a thousand different kinds of trees and four thousand species of shrubs. Its territory has many monuments dedicated to famous Russian artists. Among them one can admire busts of Mikhail Lermontov and Nicolas Gogol. Its main fountain that can rise to 17 meters offers a real performance. Unveiled in 1879, a contemporary mechanism makes it follow the rhythm of the music. In 2007, a plate was put up on the sidewalk along the Admiralty. It shows the place where the first line of Tramway was created in 1907. The garden offers man other attractions including public toilets from the time of Alexander III (late 19th century).
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