Paraskeva Pyatnitsa Chapel

The Orhtodox Chapel of Saint Paraskeva Pyatnitsa (“Friday”) is the symbol of Krasnoyarsk. It is located at the top of Karaulnaya Mountain at the spot where a former pagan Tatar temple used to stand. The wooden chapel was erected in 1805 by merchant Novikov so as to commemorate his being saved from a whirlpool of rapids in the river. In 1855, the dilapidated building was replaced by another wooden chapel thanks to funds from Gold mine owner Pyotr Kouznetsov. The chapel is a small octagonal brick building in Old Russian style. Its height reaches 15m. The chapel offers an amazing view on the city. It is one of the best places to contemplate the city. The chapel is depicted on Russian 10 rubles bills printed in 1997.
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