Stiglietz Museum of Decorative Arts

This museum is located near the Stiglietz National Academy of Art and Industry which it is a branch of. Baron Alexander Stieglitz was the first governor of the State Bank of the Russian Empire. Philanthropist, he founded and financed the Academy. The museum was first created inside the institution in 1881 but quickly there just wasn't enough room. It was decided to build another building to host it. The construction was in charge of architect Maximilian Messmacher and lasted from 1885 to 1896. Today, the rich collections of the museum are made of ceramic porcelain, glass object, woven item, classical and wooden sculptures, as well as some made on bones. It also enables to see originals paintings from the Tauride palace which had been built by Van Starov for prince Potemkin. Many temporary exhibitions are organized by the museum.
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