Roev Ruchei Zoo

The flora and fauna park of « Roev Ruchei » is one of the largest zoos in Russia. It is located on the slope of a mountain, facing Yenisei River. The name of the zoo comes from a stream that flows nearby. The history of the zoo started when with the creation of a zone for the preservation of animals and plants on the territory of Stolby Nature Reserve in the 1950s. Birds and animals having suffered from the activities of poachers and tourists were kept and taken care of. The decision to create a zoo was taken in December 1999. The first visitors were welcomed in 2000. The total area of the park is 31 ha, however it keeps growing. It is home to more than 2,700 representatives of 442 fauna species. Roev Ruchei is the only Siberian zoo that houses a group of exotic animals from Africa: giraffes, zebras, elands, gnus, kudus and meerkats.
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