Alexandrovsky Kremlin

Alexandrovsky Kremlin built of white stone is one of the city’s museums. In 2013 the Kremlin celebrated its 500th anniversary. The majority of these magnificent buildings were erected during the reign of Vasily III and Ivan the Terrible. It is not a coincidence that the ancient fortress of Alexandrov is now named “kremlin”, it is an old tradition. As in every medieval Russian town there were erected fortifications and inside prince’s palaces, churches, bastion of defense. Thus, it was named kremlin. The Alexandrovsky Kremlin happens to be a good fortress, in fact, during the Time of the Troubles; the Poles tried to take it by storm and failed. However, Ivan the Terrible, using it as a fortress for 7 years, has made it the capital of his Opritchnina (company responsible for ensuring the stability of the regime). The Kremlin is so small that all the buildings are clearly visible and, what is more, indicators on the way that can be easily noticeable.
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