Kharitonovs Mansion's Park

The park of the Kharitonovs' mansion is a specimen of landscape art of the first half of the 19th century. The central place in the park belongs to the Kharitonovs' mansion. In 1798 merchant of the second guild Lev Ivanovich Rastorguev bought an unfinished house off province secretary S.I. Isakov's widow. In 1824 Rastorguev died, and the house passed on to his son-in-law, P.Y. Kharitonov. In 1826 he bought the adjacent lands and laid out a vast "English garden" with park structures on a territory of 9 hectares. The composition of the park includes an artificial lake with an island and a round pavilion, alleys, twisting paths and mounds. There are old underground passages under the park, one of which was discovered after a collapse in 1924. Numerous legends, connected with the history of the construction of the mansion, its author and its owners, the beautiful architecture of the mansion are the reason of the long-standing interest to the park among historians, regional ethnographers, researchers and lovers of architecture.
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