Church of the Archangel Michael

The church of the Archangel Michael is a unique monument of the XVIIIth-century Russian architecture. It was built in 1776. The architectural aspect of the church has been preserved with insignificant changes. From the architectural angle it is an ordinary Russian Orthodox church. Its walls are made of close-grained larch logs with the vault supported by an arch and wooden columns. It is also called Decembrists' Church, as it was the place where Decembrists and their wives prayed for their nearest and dearest. In 1828 the Decembrist I.A. Annenkov and a French Polina Gebl got married in the church, as the Decembrist D.I. Zavalishin and the Chita volost (region) governor's daughter did in 1839. Starting from 1928 no services are performed in the church. In 1985 Decembrists' Museum was opened in the church of the Archangel Michael. The documents, books, objects of everyday use and personal things tell the story of the Decembrists' life in penal servitude and exile to Siberia.
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