Buddhist datsan (Buddhist chapel)

The exterior of Buddhist datsan (Buddhist chapel), in Arshan is traditional for all Buddhist temples. Several roofs lie above one another with their edges curved towards the sky. The lower roof right above the entrance bears a sculpture depicting a golden wheel with two llamas on two sides which symbolizes life. Inside the temple there is a painting narrating about the life of soul after death. In the centre three symbols of a human's fall are depicted in a big circle: hen (unbridled passion), snake (wrath), and boar (ignorance). Above, souls that have abandoned their bodies are represented; each of them has its own way. The souls of the people who have made more good deeds take a way of light, while those who have made more bad deeds take the dark way. These ways represent Karma that the person has deserved in his or her mortal life. Below, torments for abandoning oneself to passions are depicted.
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