Bukhe-Shulun Rock

A lot of legends are associated with Bukhe-Shulun Rock. One of them says that long ago two strong bulls met at Baikal and started a fight for the right to be the master of this land. The fight lasted for many days. No one could win. Then, one of them left for Barguzin Valley, where he turned into a rock called Bukhe-Shulun, and the second one went to Tunkinskaya Valley where he turned into a white rock Bukhe-Noyon. Both of them became famous, people started worshiping both of them. This is how one of ancient Butyat wisdoms is expressed allegorically: Buryatia is a big and rich country where there is place for everyone and anyone can be famous in the place he lives in without struggling with the others. It is said that everyone who comes to this stone must introduce himself telling about his family and his cattle beforehand. Only after the introduction one may talk about his or her problems and appeals. Bull is one of mythical progenitors-totems of the Buryat people, a symbol of the power of nature, and a subject of shaman worship.
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