Ryty cape

Ryty cape is considered the most mystical and mythical place on Baikal. It gives tremendous and unique impression. Dried river horns create an image of narrow twisting ravines, pointed to Baikal side. This is why this place got its name ("Ryty" means dig). There are no settlements on this cape, just lonely boats pass by not stopping there. There is no automobile road here or even a path along the shoreline. According to local people, constant anomalies happen here: glowing balls flying from depth of Baikal waters, concentric circles on the water and sudden weather changes. Captains of the ships passing by always complain that at this place boat engines often fail with no reason, as well as navigation becomes wrong. Most pilots try to avoid flying above this place. Moreover, there are constant air flow circulation above Ryty cape, which are caused by big temperature drop between Baikal waters and Ryty cliffs. That's why this place is always much more windy than Baikal itself. The cape has preserved wild virgin nature. It is possible to find some plants which disappeared from other Baikal shores long time ago.
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