Khorgoy cape

Khorgoy cape is a steppe cape. It is known first of all due to remains of ancient Kurykan shielding wall of 185 m long and 1.5-2 meters high at some places. The stone brickwork is well seen on the sides. The wall was found in 1879 by Cherskiy I.D. The stone masonry was done without any fastening material. There is half-destroyed channel, which is 3.5 meters wide and 1.5 meters deep located near the wall as well as earth mound. The wall function is not defined exactly yet. It is considered that this fortification was used as temporary defense. However during last years it became more probable that it might have been a cultural sanctuary. Besides, there were plates with well noticeable round shaped deepening of cylinder form, which were used as altar for human sacrifice offerings.
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