Ivolginskiy datsan

Ivolginskiy datsan was opened in 1945 as the only Buddhist spiritual center in USSR. With the course of time it was transformed into monastery complex with a residence of Khambo-Lama, the head of Russian Buddhists. Datsan is protected by the government as a monument of religious architecture. The main religious building is the main temple of datsan which was built and consecrated in 1972. Buddha statue takes the central place inside this temple. Below the statue there is a portrait and a throne of Dalai-Lama XIV, where nobody is allowed to sit. Before entering datsan it is necessary to go around it clockwise, and turn prayer drums (Khurde) at the same time while walking. Each turn of the drum equals multiple prayer repeat. At the present time Ivolginskiy Datsan is a center of Buddhism in Russia, which attracts great number of palmers and tourists all over the world.
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