Olenniy stone

"Olenniy" (deer) stone or "Altan-Serge" is a legendary archaeological sight which is 3.5 thousand years old. The stone is a massif sharpened stone plate with deer images, which gave the name of the stone. Ivolginskiy "Olenniy" stone was found in the middle of XIX century by Davydov D.P. It length is 3.5 meters and average width is 0.9 meters, with thickness of 0.2 m and is scimitar-shaped. The deer are depicted with long pulled up front necks and very narrow beak-shaped muzzles, bended legs and put back branched antlers. In the top part in one of the flat surfaces there is a round item with a handler cut in the stone. In upper part of another flat surface there are 2 circles. "Olenniy" stones were put as gravestones at the most notable and authoritative people's burials: leaders and elders.
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