Storozhevaya cave

Storozhevaya cave reaches 3.5 meters long, 2.5 meters width and 2.5 meters high. In early period of iron age this cave was inhabited and used to be a lookout post for residents of ancient site, located at Shibite cape, 150 meters away north-east from this cave. Right opposite the entrance to the cave there is an image of a horseman of Kurykan time, carved in the rock. This rock drawing is about 1000 years old. There was a collection of fish made from white marble and grey shale found in the cave. During ice-fishing such stone fish figures were used as lures for fishermen of neolithic age. A fish-lure was tight up to a hair-rope or strap, then a fisherman would put it into the ice-hole thus attracting big fish. When the fish comes close to the lure - the fisherman stabs it by a bone harpoon. Evenk people from the northern part of the lake made such fish-lures out of bone.
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