Shaman rock

"Shaman-rock" is above water projection of Angarsk threshold. This rock is a subject of many popular legends and myths about Baikal Lake and Angara river, besides it is one of the main symbols of Baikal Lake. According to one legend furious Baikal threw this rock after his daughter to prevent her from running away without his permit to her beloved Enisey. In the past local people believed in miraculous power of Shaman rock. According to ancient belief it was the residence of Angara river master - Ama Sagaan noyon. Most important rituals were held on Shaman rock, it was a place for taking an oath and praying, besides people used to bring criminal for a night here and leave him alone with cold icy river flow. If the next morning water doesn't take him and he doesn't die from fear and cold Baikal breath, he was given act of grace.
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