Malaya Baidinskaya cave

Malaya Baidinskaya cave is located at the height of more than 200 meters above Baikal level. There are side branchings of 3,5 meters and 8 meters long, as well as several niches of 2-3 meters long. The bottom of the cave is partly covered with ice and walls are covered with crystals of frost. Natural vent of 60 cm wide which goes up to the top was used as a smoke vent. To the left from the entrance there were 3 big plates, which were used as tables and benches for ancient residents. Next to the plates there was the bonfire site and a hearth, which was made of round shaped stones. Three-flange iron arrowheads, iron knives, bone awls, sheets of birch-bark from quiver, carved with images of arrows and unknown signs, fragments of ceramic pots of Iron age with quite various patterns, bone balls from arrows and bones of different animals were found there. Moreover, there are Tibet writings made by white paint at the end of XVIII century. According to the foundings, inhabitants of this cave were Kurykan people.
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