Kuchigerskiy thermal spring

Kuchigerskiy thermal spring comes out in a picturesque place at the bottom of Barguzin ridge. The places of numerous kinds of hot waters are swamped, that's why on most of the territory around the spring there are paths and bridges among which accurate houses for taking a bath are located. Guests are accommodated in cozy cottages. Kuchigera mud is a plastic creamy-consistency paste of black color, which is warmed up by hot breath of the ground and which has amazing and curative qualities. Mud applications are easy washable off the body. Kuchigera mud is recommended for treatment of more than 30 diseases, which belong to the following groups: musculoskeletal system diseases, peripheral nervous system, gynecological diseases, etc. In Kuchigera in places of local spirits worshiping as a token of thanks there are dozens of crutches and stretchers left from recovered people. The first mention about Kuchigerskiy springs appeared in 1910. Waters of Kuchigerskiy therms have sulphate-hydrocarbonate sodium content and hydrogen sulfide concentration reaches 29 mg/l. According to folk signs, the mud and water of this health resort have special curative power at the time of bird cherry tree blossoming. Recently the resort is being innovated: new housing estate was built as well as houses for bath and mud taking.
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