Denisova Cave

Denisova Cave is a unique nature and archaeological site of Gorno-Altai, a place where men lived in prehistoric times. More than 20 layers showing different times of human development. Therefore the cave looks like a kind of mille-feuille. The cave was named after the hermit Denys who in the second half of the 18th century lived in the cave. The locals call it “Ayu-Tash” which means “Bear's stone”. Excavations enabled the discovery of about 50 thousand items. Among the most interesting things found was a “treasure” of iron tools and object from the 14th -15th century, a pit for grain storage (with an important quantity of wheat), a knife from bronze age as well as teeth, and bones from prehistoric men. Radiocarbon dating estimates that these remains are 42 thousand years old. This is the oldest trace of man presence in Northern Asia.
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