Tut-Kush Cave

Tut-Kush Cave (meaning “bird trap”) was discovered in 1985. It is a sort of trap for animals and birds. The entrance to the cave is located 450-500 meters high and is actually a crescent-shaped crack in the ground. In winter it is impossible to see the crack as it is covered in snow. But one step to the side and the victim falls deep into the cave. To enter it you have to go down a 17 meters deep shaft. The total depth of the cave reaches 200 meters and it is 1,400 meters long. It leads to another cave called “Shkuroder” which is a narrow 70 meters long tunnel. It gives you the possibility to test the strength of your body and mind as the only way to go through the very narrow hole is to completely empty the air in your lungs. The cave has many outstandingly beautiful rock formations which makes them very popular.
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