Kamchatka fir tree forest

The Kamchatka fir tree forest is among the unique natural sites of Kronotsky National Biosphere Reserve. It counts about 30,000 trees spread on an area of 22ha. It is thought that they are survivors from the ice-age. In pre-glacial period these firs of Kamchatka were widely spread in the coniferous forests of the Peninsula. The average size of these trees was 12 meters (maximum 17 meters), their trunk had a diameter of about 25cm (35cm at most). It is estimated that they could live 130 to 225 years. The latin name of these fir trees is “Abies gracilis” which means “gracious fir trees”. Experts believe that this name was chosen randomly considering the ungracious aspect of the tree. 69 species of vascular plants, 31 of mammals and 27 species of birds have been listed in this forest. It is an important forest and the Kronotsky National Biosphere Reserve keeps a close watch over it.
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