Glaciers on Kronotsky Presque Isle

The glaciers of Kronotsky Presque Isle are among the unique natural sites of Kronotsky National Biosphere Reserve. They cover an area of 11,000ha, in some places they go all the way down from 600 to 345m and are located 8-12km from the coast. The main one is called Tyuchevsky. At an altitude of 1,200m it goes down to 600m and stretches from north to south on 6km. Kronotsky Presque Isle has important snowfalls. The yearly precipitations register 3,000 mn but can reach 4,500. The glaciers have a very important role in the reserve first for the water balance, but also for ecological and zoological reasons. Thanks to the glaciers, rare plants and animals have been able to settle in the reserve.
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