Golyguinskoye Lake

Golyguinskoye Lake is located in South Kamchatka in the drainage basin of rivers Gloynguina and Khodutka at an altitude of 248 meters. It is part of South Kamchatka Nature Park included in the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List. The oval-shaped lake is 2km long and 1.3km wide, covering an area of 2.6sq-km. It is fed both by underground water and snowfalls. Kuzaniok River springs from the lake. It is located in a large plain, swampy in the north. Eastwards stands volcano Ksudach. Golyguinskoye Lake is known as an important spawning site for salmons. Its banks are inhabited by bears, foxes, Steller’s Sea Eagles, etc. In winter whooper swans also gather in the area. Dahurinaia middendorffi, a rare kind of mollusk listed in Kamchatka’s Red Book of protected species, lives in the lake.
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