Nerpichye Lake

Nerpichye Lake is a lake of brackish water 148 meters deep (average 51m) located near Ust-Kamchatsk village in Eastern Kamchatka. Its area covers 552 square-kilometers which makes it the largest lake on the peninsula. It is a former golf now away from the sea and turned into a lagoon. With its uneven shape, it creates another lake in the north-east called Kultuchnoye (104sq-km). The name Nerpichye comes from Russian word “nerpa” (fresh water seal). Kultuchnoye means “lagoon” in Turkish language. If only one river, Ozernaya, springs from the lake (and flows into Kamchatka River) 117 rivers and streams flow in the lake. Its water is well-stocked with fish: herrings, salmons, graylings and smelts. On the sandbanks of the River’s mouth gather Steller’s sea lions and ringed seals. The golf’s water is the playground of dolphins. Many birds also enjoy this location: seagulls, horned puffins and many species of ducks. In spawning times, Ozernaya River is visited by several Pacific salmon species. In the near ocean Orcas and whales are numerous.
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