Opalinksoye Lake

Opalinskoye Lake includes two other small lakes located on the left bank of Opala River. The name “Opala” comes from Itelmen word “Apacha” which means father. The area covered by the lake is 0.26 square meters. That covered by the two other lakes is respectively 0.022 and 0.021 square meters. Opalinskoye Lake is located at an altitude of 130 meters. It is 750 meters long and 4 meters deep. The lake is down in a maar. Its banks are steep. Around it arise several many mountains covered with Erman’s birch and dwarf Siberian pine trees. The lake has few tributaries. A small river springs out of it before flowing into Ozernoy stream. In Opalinskoye Lake the sockeye salmon comes for spawning. In autumn, close to 400 whooper swans gather on the lake as well as thousands of ducks from various species. Steller’s Sea Eagles and White-Tailed Eagles also come to nest on its banks.
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