Zaykin Mys Mountain

Zaykin Mys Moutain is located 4km south west of Termalny village. The landscapes around this mountain are among the most picturesque: its sides are covered with a forest of Erman’s birchs and underbrush made up of rowans with elder tree leaves, Kamchatka elder trees, dwarf Siberain pine trees as well as alder bushes and other alpine vegetation. Near an area of mountain toundra, you will meet golden rhododendrons as well as two kinds of lady’s-slipper orchids that are included on Kamchatka’s Red Book of protected species. Moreover, two streams flow from its slopes: Tresubets (trident) and Zaykin Klyuch. Zaykin Mys Mountain is a resting place very appreciated by the inhabitants of Termalny and other nearby villages.
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