Tolmachevsky Waterfalls

Tolmachevsky Waterfalls are located in the region of Ust-Kamchatsky in Tolmachevsky valley. In this same valley stands Tolmachev volcano as well as several cinder and lava cones. At a height of 616 meters you can find Tolmachevo Lake, one of the most beautiful in Kamchatka. Tolmacheva River flows out of the lake. At first it is a quiet river but a few kilometers further it gains a strong current. Until recently on the northern extremity of Tolmachevsky valley were three beautiful waterfalls. The northern one was called Maly (small) and was 4 meters high. The river flowed into a terrace. Its water was divided in two by a rocky crest. 1,3km down you could find Bolshoi (big) waterfall named because of its height: 14 meters. In flood time it can reach a width of 70 meters. Another waterfall also 4 meters high flowed 200 meters down from Bolshoi. In 1996 the construction of a small power station started on the river. After it started working only Bolshoi waterfall survived. A special permit is necessary to enter the area because of the power station.
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