Ruskaya Bay

Ruskaya Bay is narrow and enters the land like a fjord. Surrounded with steep cliffs, its coasts are 15.6km long. It is among the most picturesque sites in the surroundings of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and is offered on the program of many tourist excursions. The main activities in the bay are fishing and diving. Until 1952 it was called by its Itelmen name: Akhomtien. Until the late 1930s ships came in the bay for shelter in bad weather. The mouth of Ruskaya River allowed them to gather fresh water. At the beginning of World War II ships filled with strategic merchandise coming from the USA and Canada used to gather in the bay. They would then leave in convoy for Vladivostok. In the 1970s, because the fishing fleet was growing, Ruskaya Bay was used for supplying fresh water, but also for transshipment of production, fishing equipment and crews.
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