Medny Island

Medny Island is part of Komandorsky Archipelago. It is located east from Bering Island, between them the Admiral Kuzinetsov Detroit runs. Its area of 186km² makes it the second largest among the four islands of the archipelago. It is 56km long and 5 to 7 km wide. The Steynguera Mountain (640m) is its highest point. Medny Island with its cliffs, valleys and shore caves offers the most picturesque landscapes. It is an important nesting place for many marine birds. Although the land fauna is poor (along 6 species), the marine fauna is numerous: Steller sea lions, northern fur seals, sea-otters, etc. Off its shores live killer whales, sperm whales as well as other whale species. The island was visited for the first time in 1745. Copper deposits were found hence the name “Medny”. In Soviet times it was only inhabited by scientists as well as a few militaries. Nowadays few scientists stay on the island.
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